Arabian Nights Themed Party Table Decorating Ideas

arabic table decorating ideas golden aladdin lamp

Arabian Nights party table decorating theme brings vivid colors, luxurious beautiful decorative fabrics and unique Arabic themed table decorations. Moroccan style room decor, elegant table decorating ideas in rich blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange and red colors, glowing lanterns, the aroma of spices, Arabic meals and mint tea create exotic atmosphere and beautiful setting for a special event.


Arabic Nights themed party table decorating ideas are inspired by symbols of Northern African and Middle Eastern life, – genies and Aladdin lamps, beautiful horses and camels, palm trees and tents, gorgeous palaces and luxurious room decor, nougat and Turkish delights, spices and tea, colorful bazaars and warm hospitality.

Moroccan decor theme are related to Bedouin and Harem decorating themes that add romantic accents to beautiful, colorful and festive party table decor in ethnic style. Bright decorative fabrics, unique Moroccan leather pouffes and traditional room decor accessories, inviting small and large cushions, made of soft naturalĀ  fabrics and amazing floor rugs are parts of warm and welcoming room decor for Arabian Nights party.

Tea party table decorations

Tea party table decorations, charming table decoration with fabric

Caps for cups, kitchen accessories and table decorations

decorative cushions on the floor for aracian nights theme party decoration

Casablanca and Marrakesh, Tangier and Fez evoke beautiful memories of traveling to exotic Northern African country. Colorful and bright ethnic table decoration inspirations come from many exotic places that celebrate the beauty of Mediterranean sea from Istanbul to Damascus, Cairo, Tripoli and Algiers.

Impressive jewel tones of all rainbow colors blend with soft white, white cream, metallic gold and silver shades, creating festive interior design and party table decoration.

glass with mint tea and golden tea pot for arabian nights theme party table decoration

Inspired by precious stones, gold and silver, bright Turkish, Middle Eastern and Moroccan style party table decorating ideas can be inspired by picturesque sunsets and mysterious Arabic nights or colorful luxurious decorations from Sheiks and Sultans treasure chests.

Moroccan style decorating

Exotic Moroccan bedroom decorating in light and deep purple colors

Warm colors for bedroom decorating in Moroccan style

Blue and green bedroom colors, Moroccan style bedroom decorating

tea lights and golden tea pot for arabic theme party table decorating

A small Moroccan lantern, decorated with candles and glass beads or flowers and decorative fabrics in bright blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange and red colors, Aladdin lamps and bright candles make wonderful table decorations, offering simple and charming centerpiece ideas in Turkish, Middle Eastern and Moroccan style.

Decorative fabrics and Arabic themed small room decor accessories are the key elements of creating inviting and sensual table decorating ideas for Arabian Nights party.

Exotic ikat pattern, modern interior design trends

Modern interior design trends, decorative fabrics

Chiffon, silk, satin, organza and voile decorative fabrics in vivid blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange and red colors are perfect for exotic table party decorating in Moroccan style. Light decorative fabrics and shiny silver and gold create wonderful contrasts with dark wood dining furniture and metal Moroccan decorations, Moroccan leather pouffe and wool rugs, creating lavish interior design and table decor.

Arabian Nights theme party table decorations in blue and white

Moroccan lantern is an ideal table centerpiece idea for capturing exotic party atmosphere and Turkish, Middle Eastern and Moroccan style feel. Candles in metal candle holders, Moroccan lantern or few tea lights bring a gem like glitter to colorful party table decoration in Moroccan style.

Colorful Moroccan style party table decorating ideas

Luminaries and votives, colorful Moroccan tea glasses and mint tea aroma further enhance festive and bright blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange and red color palette, making party table decor to shine and glow, inviting guests to enjoy Arabic meals and drinks.

Creative ideas for decorating with light decorative fabrics, napkins in light and deep purple, pink, yellow, orange and red colors, golden and silver ribbons and tasseled cords make plates and flat dinnerware look unique and expressive, creating luxurious details that guests will be thrilled to enjoy.

Bright napkins in solid colors, rolled Persian carpet style, tied with golden and silver ribbons and tasseled cords offer simple and elegant table decorations that add more fun and joy to Arabian Nights party table decor.

Small Arabic themed items, decorated with gold and silver wrapping paper and shiny satin ribbons are beautiful party table decorating ideas, that add luxurious accents to table setting and offer pleasant surprise after party gifts to all guests.

Small candles in organza bags are simple and easy to make Arabic party table decorations that add more color and luxury to festive table decorating ideas in Turkish, Middle Eastern or Moroccan style and can be given as unique after party presents to departing guests.

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