Old Alpine Chalet in French Style Shows Art Deco Decorating Ideas Antique Chic

blue fireplace and unique lamp and chair decorated with fur

The typical old Alpine chalet is a wooden structure with a sloping roof. This old chalet in France shows not only traditional wooden structure, but glamorous and luxurious rooms decor with art decor flavor and unique furniture. Wooden home interiors are very attractive, welcoming and cozy, offering a stylish and exclusive retreat in the mountains.


Alpine chalet structure and interior decorating have sentimental values. People feel a strong attachment to exposed wooden beams and comfortable room decor that is functional and relaxing. That is why Alpine home decorating ideas are so popular. Designers recreate the unique look and feel of Alpine chalets, offering modern interior decorating with distinct details.

Alpine home decorating ideas are simple, functional, warm and comforting. Alpine chalets were used by Swiss herders taking cattle to higher altitudes. The comfortable and charming Alpine chalet design and home decorating ideas become universally appealing and popular.

Art Deco decorating ideas

living room design with large fireplace
Large stone fireplace and sofas with white and red cushions

Many ski resorts all over the world offer Alpine chalet accommodations instead of ordinary cottages, inspired by iconic house design and room decorating ideas from Switzerland.

This French Alpine home decorating ideas are inspired by the finest wood crafts and vintage furniture. Beautiful French room decorating ideas in art deco style look stunning, rich and comfortable. Expensive home fabrics and luxuriously soft sofa cushions, fine polished wooden floor and one-of-a-kind crafty furniture and decor accessories.

blue fireplace and unique lamp and chair decorated with fur
Blue fireplace and unique lamp in art deco style

Good quality chalet design and warm room decorating ideas create a perfect place for ski vacations and weekend getaways. Calming neutral room colors, tastefully blended with colorful accents, vintage home decorations and antique furniture fill this Alpine home decor with a sense luxury and style.

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Decorative fabrics and room decorating ideas from Ralph Lauren Home

dining room furniture
Unique dining room furniture in art deco style

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