Country Home Decorating Ideas Creating Modern Interiors with Old Farmhouse Vibe

vintage furniture for country home decor and modern interior decorating ideas

Beautiful country home decorating ideas by Claudia Juestel transformed a former farmhouse into gorgeous and modern home. Designed by a founder of interior design studio Adeeni Design Group in San Francisco, the home interiors look bright and welcoming, blending traditional country home decorating ideas with creative details and surprising solutions.


The American decorator create warm and inviting rooms that are stylish and relaxing. Modern interior decorating ideas enhance the country home decor style and bring traditional color schemes and decorative fabrics into modern interiors with contemporary details. The creativity and a great sense of style helps to breaks some traditions in country home decorating and turn a former farmhouse into modern house which is bright and contemporary.

The farmhouse interior design brings lots of light into rooms and add bright accents to interior decorating with vintage furniture and decor accessories. Interior decorating feels sentimental, familiar and inviting. Unique vintage furniture and decor accessories highlighted with bright interior design. Large windows fill the rooms with spaciousness, creating pleasant and modern interior decorating.

Country style decor ideas and room colors

Light room colors and red and green colors for decorative accents

The country home decorating ideas by Claudia Juestel and Adeeni Design Group, blend spaciousness and light with pleasant and cozy decorative fabrics, adding contemporary flair to traditional farmhouse interior design and creating peaceful and beautiful room decor. Light room decorating and bright interior design enhance the comfort and elegant simplicity of country home decorating.

Airy and spacious room decorating, bright light and comfortable furniture create very attractive room decor, spruced up with vintage furniture pieces and unique accessories in vintage style. Wicker and wood furniture add warmth and coziness to interior decorating, while original accents create interesting and personalized rooms decor.

Beautiful and modern living room design with wooden and upholstered furniture in country home style

Just a few colors are selected for accents, but contrasting color schemes and rich red and green colors add energy to modern home decorating ideas and create cheerful and pleasant, familiar, but modern interior design.

French country home decorating ideas from Provence

French country home decorating ideas, French interiors with Brocante vibe

The doors are replaced by drapes, adding softness to modern interior design. Drapes are excellent for beautifying traditional country home decorating ideas with texture and color and blend modern decorative fabrics with familiar decoration patterns and color schemes.

Country home decorating ideas for dining room

Functional furniture placement and light room colors create pleasant, open and airy home interiors. Wood brings a natural feel into country home decorating, and vintage furniture enrich interior decorating with antique charm.

French country decor style for elegant country home decorating in Brocante vintage style

Charming country home decorations highlighting cottage style decor

Beautiful bedroom decorating offers comfortable, spacious and airy rooms for adults and kids. Sentimental flowers, wrought-iron beds and wicker chairs create an amazing atmosphere of old farmhouses while comfortable interior decorating ideas and modern details add contemporary touches to country home decor.

Unique vintage furniture and decor accessories for dining room decorating

Massive wardrobes and chests of drawers are vintage furniture pieces that look adorable in country homes, adding balance to modern interior decorating ideas and harmonizing room decor. Vintage furniture pieces create gorgeous centerpieces for interior decorating and add unique character to interior design with sentimental farmhouse vibe.

Decorative fabrics and deep red and green colors for country home decorating

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