20 Oriental Interior Decorating Ideas to Create Exotic Asian Decor and Harmony

asian decor and oriental interior decorating ideas for modern rooms

Decor4all collected these beautiful oriental interior decorating ideas and room design tips to share with its readers and demonstrate the elegance, warmth and uniqueness of traditional and modern Asian decor. Oriental interior decorating helps create a stylish and exotic atmosphere in a modern interior and bring calming, pleasant and relaxing mood into homes.


Asian decor needs to be supported by architectural elements, like bamboo room dividers, sliding doors, open plan room layout and unique Asian wall designs. Modern Asian interior decorating ideas and traditional oriental interior decorating ideas create very different, comfortable and unique rooms.

Asian decor touch can transform contemporary interior decorating and turn rooms into modern interiors with a few details. Contemporary Asian interior decorating with clean and sleek lines or traditional oriental interior decorating with unique carved wood furniture and exotic silk fabrics create harmony and enhance a relaxing, positive and calming atmosphere in the house.

Balinese home decor, tropical themes in Asian interior decorating

Asian interior decorating ideas

Asian decor accessories, Buddha statues and green house plants

Oriental interior decorating offers original ideas to bring Asian decorating vibe into modern interiors with traditional elements of Asian decor style. Light and simple interior design with bamboo blinds , decorative screens and Asian works of art, combined with the simplicity of oriental interior decorating, bring that unique and exotic charm of Asian decor style into modern rooms.

Creating Zen atmosphere means perfectly harmonizing home design and interior decorating. The balance and harmony can be achieved by using natural materials, soothing neutral colors, pleasant brown color shades of natural wood, clean lines and functional furnishings. Green house plants symbolize the harmony and help to create the balance between Asian interior decorating and surroundings.

Living room design with fireplace and daybed, Asian decor ideas

Open floor plan is an important element of Zen design which allows the positive energy feely flow through all home interiors. Wood and bamboo blinds, natural home fabrics, wood and bamboo furniture, nature inspired wall murals encrease the effect and beautify oriental interior decorating ideas.

Asian interior decorating inspires modern ideas for room design

Round shapes and nature inspired Asian interior decorating motifs symbolize life and harmonize modern interiors. Japanese and Chinese prints and patterns help create original, vibrant and beautiful Asian decor. Handmade crafts, carved wood furniture, embroidery and exotic textiles, porcelain decor accessories and silk fabrics look fabulous, adding chic to oriental interior decorating.

Bamboo room divider, living room design with low furniture, Asian interior decorating ideas

Wood paneling, bamboo room dividers and wall decoration with natural materials, sliding doors and unique furniture in oriental style are perfect for Asian interior decorating. These beautiful decorating ideas, combined with accents in bright colors, highlight Asian decor style and add unique and exclusive feel to oriental interior decorating.

Modern wallpaper and home fabrics inspired by Central Asian interior decorating ideas

Bamboo is a wonderful natural material, ideal for Asian interior decorating. Bamboo blinds, furniture, accessories, like picture frames and mirrors, are just a few ways to enhance Asian decor. Bright color accents, handmade textiles and home fabrics, Asian artworks and traditional Buddha statues bring artistic, religious, historical and cultural meanings into oriental interior decorating, giving modern interior design depth and unique look.

Traditional room furniture for Asian decor

Peace and tranquility, pleasant and relaxing neutral colors, comfortable and functional furniture, handmade decor accessories in Asian styles, bright accents, Asian interior decorating details and traditional oriental interior design ideas transform rooms and bring not only beauty, but peace of mind into homes. Soft lighting, natural fabrics, neutral colors and green house plants create a relaxing atmosphere and amazing Asian decor, enhanced with natural light and simplicity. Traditional oriental interior decorating ideas and Asian decor accessories can be blended with contemporary ideas in minimalist style.

Luxurious home decorating ideas for Asian decor fans

Modern ideas for oriental interior decorating

Modern bedroom designs with Asian decor

Modern bathroom designs and Asian decor ideas

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