String Garden Decorations, Vertical Gardens and Backyard Ideas

decorating with flowers in crocheted containers

String Gardens by Fedor Van Der Valk look unusual, beautiful and inspiring. String garden decorations are an interesting alternative for decorating small spaces. Hanging on strings blooming plants are beautiful garden decorations that add bright color, beautiful texture and unique look to outdoor decor.


Designed Fedor Van Der Valk developed a series of self supporting, hanging plant containers on strings, a great alternative for decorating with flowers and creating charming small spaces.

Space saving and innovative way of decorating with flowers brings unique crocheted containers with moss and grass that cover plants roots and keep them moist, offering elegant porch, balcony or garden decorations.

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Hanging garden decorations

hanging containers with blooming plantsString Garden decorations, hanging planters with blooming plants

Fantastic garden decorations are created by Dutch designer Fedor van der Falk, adding flowing in the air flowers, fruit trees, wildflowers, ferns, tropical vines, pine trees and even pineapple to his unusual and impressive floral installations.

String Garden is a great inspiring ideas for adding creative designs to your backyard ideas. Garden decorations in Japanese style consist of crocheted balls, filled with moss, grass and soil that keep plants roots moist.

floral arragement with hanging plantersLive plants in hanging containers, vertical garden

String Garden description from the designer

For a while I wanted to make animated videos with crocheted landscapes which were a kind of 3-dimensional spider webs covered in moss and grass. The idea was to create bonsai-esque plants. To keep the landscapes really airy, I decided to work with hanging plants.

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Hanging garden decorations are excellent for creating an amazing vertical garden, a system of living plants in hanging containers that create beautiful 3d space design.

vertical garden with hanging plantersVertical garden with flowers in hanging planters, unique garden decorations and backyard ideas

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Vertical gardens are captivating and very decorative, offering charming ideas for decorating internal and external walls, fences, gazebos, eaves overhang and tree branches.

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