Top 5 Modern Interior Trends in 2012 Home Decorating

pink and orange fabrics for interior decorating

Creativity and freedom, unpredictable interior decorating ideas and comfortable luxury, surprising decorating color combinations and unusual blends of traditional and contemporary decorative materials create an exciting mixture of interior design styles for home decorating in 2012.


Beautiful, contemporary and nostalgic for old days, the fusion of interior design styles offer gorgeous home decorating ideas for modern homes in 2012.

Top five modern interior trends include room decorating in eclectic and retro style, antique furniture and room decor accessories in vintage style, exotic and ethnic interior decorating ideas and room decor in eco style.

modern interior design in art deco styleArt Deco decor ideas with bright modern interior colors and unique furniture

1. Eclectic style for home decorating in 2012

Eclectic style is about personal room decor, individuality and freedom of choice in interior decorating. Eclectic decor create interesting and intimate home interiors, remarkable offices, shops, salons and hotels. Modern interior decorating ideas in eclectic style show the connection to other interior design styles, creating comfortable and stylish living spaces.

Interior decorating ideas in eclectic style allow to mix antique and modern furniture and room decor accessories from different periods and cultures. Modern eclectic style is about luxury, elegance and exclusive artistic interior decorating ideas.

interior design ideasin eclectic styleCrystal chandeliers and rustic furniture, fusion of modern interior design styles

Modern eclectic interior reflects the many styles of past eras solutions, united by one theme. Harmonizing with each other interior elements, materials, color and texture – that’s the eclectic interior.

Modern interior design in eclectic style with Parisian chic

2. Retro styles

Retro styles feel romantic. Gorgeous Art Deco home decorating ideas, vintage furniture and room decor accessories remind of early 20th century interior design styles. Impressive pop art ideas and inspirations, combined with bright interior decorating colors, create bold and beautiful home interiors in 60s and 70s retro styles.

vintage furniture, chairs in broqn and pink colorsCharming retro styles of 50s and 60s for modern interior decorating

3. Antiques, vintage furniture and room decor accessories

Family heritage and old traditions, vintage furniture and room decor accessories are timeless. The passion for antiques and appreciation of old traditions inspire elegant interior decorating ideas in 2012.

Vintage furniture upholstery fabrics from Moissonnier

Old photographs and antique chests and candelabras, vintage furniture made of solid wood, brass chandeliers and silver room decor accessories can be used for creating modern interior decorating in 2012.

Antiques, vintage furniture and room decor accessories for modern living room decorating

4. Ethnic interiors

Ethnic interiors, exotic motifs and materials for colonial homes decorating areĀ  in vogue. African, Asian, South American, Indonesian and Middle Eastern home decorating ideas are modern interior trends 2012.

Modern interior decorating ideas with ethnic flavor, interior trends 2012

A wonderful blend of traditional, contemporary and exotic materials creates an attractive fusion of interior design styles with ethnic flavor. Dark, rich and warm room colors, golden yellow and brown tones, deep red, blue, purple and green color hues of precious and semiprecious stones look great with wood, metal, stone and glass, offering exotic interior decorating ideas.

Modern oriental interior decorating ideas from JP Passion

Strong black and white contrasts, traditional and contemporary furniture and room decor accessories offer striking and unusual, comfortable and welcoming interior decorating ideas for 2012.

5. Eco interior design style

Nature is a great source of interior decorating inspirations. Intricate and organic natural motifs and shapes, natural beauty of textures and materials add a special meaning to modern interior decorating ideas in 2012.

Neutral paint colors and home furnishings for living room design in eco style

Eco interior design style is one of modern interior trends 2012 that create comfortable and relaxing home interiors for luxurious and eco friendly homes.

Striped wallpaper for interior design in eco style

Moderninterior decorating ideas 2012

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