22 Asian Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Japanese Minimalist Style into Modern Homes

asian decor and modern interior decorating in japanese style

Ethnic interior decorating styles are one of modern trends in home decorating. Asian decor, especially Japanese interior decorating, allow to bring individuality and originality into modern homes and create unique and interesting rooms. Natural room decor materials, ceramics, wooden accessories, made with natural fibers textiles, Asian lamps made of rice paper and unique furniture in Japanese style help create ethnic interior decorating in Asian styles.


Decor4all collection of beautiful Japanese rooms demonstrate Asian interior decorating ideas that are attractive, practical and inspiring. Ethnic interior decorating in Asian styles create a calming and relaxing environment with the use of neutral colors, tradition furniture and decor accessories that blend old traditions with modern ideas and room decor materials into Asian cultures and allow to personalize Western homes in Asian styles.

Asian interior decorating ideas are great for all who appreciate the latest trends and ethnic interior design elements, who like unique room decor ideas, neutral colors and natural materials. Ethnic interior decorating in Japanese minimalist style if one of the most popular Asian styles, and the collection will help to select the best interior decorating ideas in Japanese style for your rooms.

Elegant Japanese bathroom design and decorating ideas in Asian style

Asian interior decorating in Japanese minimalist style

Modern living room design, Asian interior decorating ideas

Asian interior decorating in Japanese minimalist style bring simplicity, calmness and functionality into modern homes. Japanese house and its room decor are parts of the garden, so landscaping can inspire the choice of room decor materials and home decorating colors for an ethnic interior.

1. Asian interior decorating in Japanese minimalist style creates clutter-free, airy and spacious room decor with plenty of practical and comfortable storage spaces.

Modern bedroom decor with elements of Asian interior

2. Decorative screens, light Japanese curtains and sliding doors offer great items for separating functional zones and providing privacy.

3. All elements of ethnic interior decorating in Japanese minimalist style feature simple lines and geometric shapes. Room decor in Japanese style is lackingĀ unnecessary adornments, creating functional interior decorating with essential room furniture pieces, home lighting and household items.

Asian interior decorating ideas in Japanese style

Asian interior decorating styles inspire modern ideas for room design

4. Built-in room furniture and modest low furniture sets create the connection with the earth and harmonize ethnic interior decorating in Japanese minimalist style.

5. Neutral colors feel peaceful and soothing. Black and white decorating ideas are combined with dark brown and gray color tones, traditional creamy shades and bright red colors, or contemporary peppermint accents.

Japanese style dining furniture and sliding screens

6. Asian interior decorating in Japanese style calls for natural area rugs and oriental details, flower arrangements, bonsai trees and paper lanterns. Natural fivers, like paper, cotton or silk increase the natural feel of an Asian interior. Natural room decor materials include brick, concrete, wood or plaster. Straw, raffia, jute, sisal, bamboo and other plant materials are ideal for simple, functional and stylish interior decorating in Japanese style.

Modern living room design with Asian decor accents
Asian interior decorating ideas

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