Vibrant Decorative Vases Playing with Geometric Forms, Modern Home Accents

wall decorations ceramic vases

Colorful vases make beautiful home decorations, providing ceramic vessels for flowers and branches. Vibrant table decor and unique wall decorations create fabulous accents and bring cheer into modern interiors. Geometric forms and bright color combinations blend into these playful masterpieces that celebrate art and design in three dimensions. Check out Pani Jurek’s collection of BARVA VASES to enjoy these playful and captivating designs.


Vibrant color design, gorgeous wavy lines, and attractive textures bring artistic decorative vases into modern interiors, allowing brightening table decor or using the vases as original wall decorations. The decorative vases create attractive configurations, allowing you to play with abstract geometric forms and various colors.

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Vibrant and decorative vases

colorful vases
Puzzle-like colorful vases

These decorative vases make perfect accents that blend the tenderness of beautiful flowers with geometric design. They celebrate vibrant colors evoking positive emotions just like beautiful paintings.

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The decorative vases make fabulous wall decorations and give life to bland table decor. The limited color series is a visual treat for the eyes. They look fantastic as modern art pieces and become unique decorations and gifts with beautiful flowers.

unique wall decorations
Framed wall decorations, decorative vases in vibrant colors

When grouped, they create captivating colorful compositions transforming the decorative accessories into modern centerpieces. These decorative vases look fantastic on wall shelves and tables and can be hung on wall hooks to bring more color into interior decorating.

unique gifts table decor
Modern table decor, geometric vases
Colorful wall decorations, ceramic vases, abstract designs in geometric forms

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