15 Handmade Decorative Accessories Recycling Old Scarves and Left Over Fabrics

decorative pillow with fabric applique for unique interior decorating

Handmade decor accessories save money and add a personal touch to modern interior decorating. Decor4all collection of 15 simple and beautiful handmade decor accessories that recycle old scarves and leaf over fabrics might inspire you to create fantastic window curtains, tablecloths with napkins, decorative pillows and unique wall decorations, making your home decor look bright and original.


Recyclling left over fabrics or scarves is a fun activity that helps declutter your living spaces. You can create wonderful wall decorations or decorate your sofas, entryway bench and chairs with fabric pieces, add interest and color to window dressing or use old scarves and left over fabrics to re-upholster your favorite furniture items.

Handmade home decorations are a great way to brighten up and personalize your interior decorating instantly. As the interior decorating industry continues to grow, the variety of home decorations made of fabrics grows along with it, but handmade decor accessories bring unique charm and warmth into home decor, creating original and personal interior decorating.

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Modern interior decorating ideas recycling fabrics

unique curtain made of rolled fabric pieces
Simple and clever interior decorating idea, room divider and decorative curtain made of rolled fabric pieces

Handmade window curtains, table cloths with napkins, decorative pillows and unique wall decorations change the whole feel of modern interior decorating in accordance with your personality, taste and style.

Old furniture that needs a good dose of fun pillows can be dramatically transformed with simple and easy DIY interior decorating projects that recycle old scarves and left over fabrics.

basket liner and lamp shade made of left over fabric
Basket liner and lamp shade made with left over fabric

Colorful handmade pillows will bring an old sofa or chair back to life, and handmade lamp shades with matching basket liners increase the affect.

room divider and curtain made of scarves
Handmade curtain made of old scarves, perfect room divider for modern interior decorating

Room dividers made with colorful and interesting curtains make interior decorating more functional, soft and pleasant.

Handmade table decorations, charming table decoration with fabric

Caps for cups, handmade kitchen accessories and table decorations

Window curtains made of left over fabric pieces add a splash of color and creative design to interior decorating ideas. Romantic handmade pillows add softness, charm and unique flair to modern interior decorating.

Colorful decorative pillows created with left over fabrics for bright, warm and modern interior decorating

  Posted: 09.11.2012 by Decor4all