22 Modern Interior Decorating Ideas Using Zigzag Patterns and Fabric Prints

zigzags in white and green colors

Modern interior decorating with zigzag prints and wavy decorative patterns jazz up room decor like nothing else. Zigzags are great decorative patterns for the floor and walls, furniture painting and home fabrics. Zigzags feel dynamic and bold, creating eye-catchy  designs. Decorative zig-zag patterns and prints make a statement, dramatically changing interior decorating.


Decorative zig-zag patterns look beautiful in neutral colors, monochromatic or colorful designs. Playful and decorative zig-zag patterns and prints look cheerful and energizing. These decorative patterns are great for furniture painting ideas. Zigzag wallpaper patterns and fabric prints create stunning centerpieces also.

These decorative patterns are perfect for throws and pillows, lampshades and wall decorations, tile designs and floor or wall painting ideas. Floor rugs and window curtains look fantastic with zigzag prints, bringing wavy energy into interior decorating and creating more interesting living spaces. Decorative zig-zag patterns, wallpaper designs, tiles and fabric prints turn even a small area or a small accessory into true home decoration.

Decorative zig-zag patterns and fabric prints

zigzag wall tile design for kitchen decorating
Zigzag wall tiles in black and white for kitchen wall

Zigzag patterns and prints transform interior decorating without any additional changes in room decor. Decorative zig-zag patterns and prints are an excellent interior decorating ideas to add accents to quiet and lacking any interest room decor.

Floor rugs with zigzag patterns in few colors look spectacular. A zigzag rug in neutral color shades definitely stands out to the eye also. Adding these energetic decorative patterns to room decor in neutral colors make interior decorating look elegant and creative.

zigzags in white and green colors
White and green vertical zigzags, furniture decoration ideas

Zigzag fabric prints, wallpaper patterns, floor or wall decoration with zigzags spruce up calming room decor in neutral color palette. Zigzag floors in bathrooms and kitchens, bedrooms and entryways, dining rooms and hallways are great details that enhance these rooms and the entire home decorating.

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Floor rugs with zigzag prints are wonderful interior decorating ideas for living rooms. These decor accessories help liven up rooms and create attractive and exciting decorative accents. Zigzag wallpaper patterns and fabric prints can look busy , so opt for creating a small accent wall or decorating a small window. Decorative zig-zag patterns and fabric prints look calmer in light neutral colors, so avoiding strong color contrasts create peaceful and interesting room decor with beautiful zigzags.

zigzag floor rugs
Zigzag floor rugs for modern interior decorating with contrasting colors

Soft color combinations and small zigzag sizes are great for relaxing and tranquil room decor. Decorating a part of the wall or mixing zigzag window curtains with fabric panels in solid colors create a calming effect, while allowing to create a fabulous centerpiece with zigzag patterns and prints.

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Decorative zigzag patterns and fabric prints make gorgeous accents, perfect for bold interior decorating ideas with a personal touch. Zigzag fabric prints in bright colors add interesting detail and color to room decor.  Decorative zig-zag patterns turns simple bed throws, towels, pillows, window curtains, floor rugs and lamp shades into amazing interior decorating accents that surprise and delight.

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Wooden floor can be painted and furniture items can be reupholstered, when you want to add wonderful, cheerful and playful, colorful and very decorative zig-zag patterns to your room decor and create unique and personal, interesting and modern interior decorating.

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