25 Furniture Decoration Ideas Personalizing Shelves and Cabinets with Modern Wallpaper Patterns

shelves and storage furniture decoration with modern wallpaper

Creative furniture decoration ideas turn functional cabinets, bookcases and shelves into attractive items that personalize interior decorating and make a statement. Neutral colors, contrasting and bright color combinations and modern wallpaper patterns add bold and exciting accents to your home decor, updating, recycling and upcycling old furniture pieces. Wooden furniture decoration ideas offer various techniques, like stenciling or painting. Modern wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to create fabulous wooden furniture pieces that look fresh and original.


Modern wooden furniture items are often made of particle boards, so beautiful wallpapers are a great material for designing new, stylish room furniture recycling and upcycling old pieces. Buying new furniture can be expensive. Think of resourceful and innovative ways to update your old wood furniture items and add a fresh look to wooden cabinets, bookcases and shelves.

Here is a large collection of inspiring and creative furniture decoration ideas from American decorators and artists, offering wonderful diy projects and inexpensive solutions for updating old wood cabinets, bookcases, shelves and cupboards with modern wallpaper patterns and stylish colors.

Creative furniture decoration with modern wallpaper patterns

Wall cabinet with shelves decorated with pink wallpaper

Wallpaper leftovers can be found in every home. Retro or modern wallpaper is a versatile material for old and new furniture decoration. Retro and modern wallpaper patterns and color combinations allow to experiment with designs and personalize interior decorating in accordance with your home style and taste.

Modern wallpaper is an inexpensive and very attractive interior decorating material. Buying one or two rolls of beautiful wallpapers and decorating your old furniture items with them give a fresh look to interior decorating on a small budget. Wallpaper is easy to work with and can be removed when you decide to change your interior decorating color schemes and decoration patterns.

Shelves decorating with gray and blue wallpaper and leaf pattern

Retro and modern wallpaper can be used to decorate your cabinet with the same wallpaper which is used for wall decoration, creating more spacious and surprising home decor and adding a professional look to interior decorating in elegant and sophisticated style.

Modern wallpaper patterns, trees and branches

Bright bedroom wall decoration with modern wallpaper patterns

4 trends in modern wallpaper and interior decorating ideas

Retro and modern wallpaper patterns and colors that match your existing interior decorating color schemes and decoration patterns look fabulous on room furniture adding harmony and chic to your home decor in vintage style. Retro and modern wallpaper patterns can be mixed with wall and furniture painting ideas, visually increasing small rooms and adding charming accents to interior decorating.

SHelves decorating with contrasting white and pink colors and modern wallpaper with leaf pattern

Get inspired by these excellent, creative furniture decoration ideas from interior decorating experts and transform your old furniture with retro or modern wallpaper patterns and colors that update old wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, bookcases and shelves and giving them new vibrant life.

Black and white wallpaper for shelves decorating
Pink wall paint and pink wallpaper with leaf pattern for wardrobe decorating

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