30 Colorful Room Decorating Ideas Bringing Harmony into Modern Home Interiors

colorful interior decorating and color design ideas

These colorful room decorating ideas are inspiring, bright and stylish. The collection demonstrates modern trends in home decorating and give tips how to bring harmony into modern interiors with colors and textures. Blending basic room colors with neutral colors create stylish interior decorating color schemes and offer gorgeous ways to personalize modern home interiors with bright hues.


Here is a collection of beautiful room decorating ideas and helpful tips for modern interior decorating with color and texture. All color shades and tones are beautiful. Used wisely, they dramatically transform room decorating and create stylish living spaces for you and your family.

Get inspired, do not be afraid to experiment with your favorite room colors. Colorful room decorating ideas are latest trends that bring energy and creativity into modern home interiors and create living spaces that are personal, functional, comfortable and beautiful, perfect for modern lifestyle.

Tips for room decorating with color

Green wall paint and colorful art works in yellow and orange colors

Warm room colors work well for interiors with high ceiling designs. Wall paint colors and window curtains fabrics in colors, similar to the wooden floor, carpeting or floor tiles colors, look fantastic in modern home interiors with high ceiling designs.

To raise your low ceilings use light wall paint colors and cool, pale, pastel tones, like blue, green, gray and off-white paint colors.

Neutral colors, beige, soft white and red color combination for living room decorating

Pale yellow and yellowish cream are wonderful room colors that create airy, warm and modern interior design. Light yellow paint colors and home furnishings in pale yellow hues look sunny and soft, while reflecting lots of natural light and making room decor feel spacious and bright.

Bright room colors and modern interior decorating ideas

Colorful interior decorating ideas with exotic vibe reinventing Scandinavian style

Rich warm room decorating colors bring coziness and comfort into modern homes, turning modern home interiors into pleasant and relaxing retreats, enhanced with warmth and inviting atmosphere.

Bright color contrasts, black-n-white decorating with orange and red colors, modern bedroom decorating ideas

Neutral colors and light pastel tones, especially, green colors, are excellent for balanced and brightening up long, narrow and dark home interiors. Neutral colors, and pale pastel room colors can be used for increasing living spaces visually and balancing interior decorating, especially when combined with natural fibers and simple geometric decoration patterns, like stripes and rectangular designs.

25 ideas for modern interior decorating with bright neon room colors

Colorful home fabrics and modern home decor ideas

To highlight an interesting architecture feature or room furniture you can use bright color shades. Add eye-catching textiles and home fabrics to enhance original details. Rich room colors and strong color contrasts are excellent for accentuating modern interior decorating.

Yellow, orange and green color combination with neutral colors for living room decorating

To hide unappealing elements of architectural interiors or hide ugly architectural elements you can move them further from a viewer by painting theme the same color with walls and window curtains. These simple and effective wall painting ideas make certain unattractive elements of architectural designs disappear.

Bright home decor accessories and color combinations for summer-like decorating

French style dining room decorating ideas in gray and red colors

Warm room decorating colors and textures are wonderful for home interiors located in the northern part of your house. Light and dark color shades, saturated and bright or cozy and muted tones are great for creating warm and intimate retreats, and add color to gloomy home interiors.

Soft pastel room colors, combined with light neutral colors, modern bedroom decorating ideas

Cool room colors are perfect for warm home interiors to create balance and add elegance to sunny and bright living spaces. Vivid and rich cool room colors are ideal for large interior decorating. Lighter room colors work well for small spaces.

Modern interior decorating with rustic wood dining furniture, light neutral colors and accents in brown and red colors
White and green colors for bedroom decorating, creative and unique accents in blue and orange colors
Soft yellow and pastel dark green colors for living room decorating

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