Dark Blue and Gold Christmas Colors, Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas

small christmas tree decorated with lights

Christmas decorating ideas are influenced by modern interior design trends, bringing modern golden yellow decorations and rich blue colors into modern homes. Dark blue and gold Christmas colors, combined with purple and black, gray and soft cream, white and brown, create stylish Christmas decor.


Golden yellow decorations look festive and warm. Gold is the symbol of luxury and celebration. Dark blue bring peaceful and calming tones, creating complementing color schemes and balanced Christmas decorating ideas, that feel pleasant, nostalgic and familiar.

Dark blue and gold Christmas colors are one of modern winter holiday and interior design trends for 2012. Gold Christmas decorations and holiday table centerpieces in beautiful dark blue and warm gold colors are excellent choices for festive Christmas decor.

Modern Christmas colors

Golden yellow Christmas decorations

Modern Christmas decorating ideas and Christmasworld color trends 2011

Peaceful and calming, bright and sizzling, dark blue and gold Christmas colors, combined with white and light gray, stylish purple and pinkish colors, elegant black and deep orange tones, create beautiful and elegant color schemes for contrasting and energizing Christmas decorating ideas.

Blue Christmas tree decorations and winter holiday table centerpieces with golden details or golden yellow decorations, adorned with blue crystals, ribbons or beads are modern Christmas decorating ideas.

Black, deep purple, purple-blue and all blue color shades are excellent choices for 2011-2012 Christmas decorating ideas and winter holiday decor, but medium to dark blue color shades add a splash of rich blue color to Christmas tree and room decorating ideas, creating luxurious complimentary color schemes with , purple blue, blue, orange-yellow and golden yellow decorations, that make Christmas home decor look glowing, expensive and fancy.

Calming and royal blue color tones, midnight blue, navy, sapphire blue, indigo and purple-blue color shades, combined with shiny golden yellow paint or wallpaper, reddish-yellow, green-yellow and golden yellow decorations, create impressive, colorful and rich Christmas decoration for pleasant and happy winter holidays.

Modern Christmas decorations

Blue and gold tassels, Christmas tree decorations, blue crystals, gold beads and ribbons, blue LED Christmas tree lights and decorative fabrics with golden embroidery brighten up winter holiday home interiors and table centerpieces, creating elegant and warm, luxurious and rich Christmas decor.

Golden yellow decorations add sunny and festive accents to winter holiday and Christmas decorating ideas, while dark blue color shades create calming and pleasant atmosphere.

Golden yellow decorations, made of seashells, and pretty candles in sea shell or starfish shapes are modern Christmas decorating ideas, which give a romantic touch to winter holiday and Christmas decor.

Simple handmade Christmas decorations, made of paper and fabric, crystals or wood, painted with golden yellow paint add relaxing accents to Christmas decor and create beautiful Christmas tree for winter holiday season.

Room decorating with yellow color

Golden yellow decorations, room decorating in Egyptian style

Yellow flower table decoration

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