winter decorating

simple craft ideas for winter decorating and holiday table centerpieces

Christmas crafts are special. Christmas is a wonderful winter holiday, celebrating the event which created a profound difference in the world and defined certain traditions. Winter crafts and handmade Christmas decorations are one of the traditions people enjoy. Decor4all collection of handmade Christmas decorations include simple…

winter decorating with hand knitted items

Winter decorating ideas for your home can beautifully reflect you personality. If you or members of your family like to knit, then handmade home decor items are exactly what you need to add to your home furnishings. Knitting is the perfect way to make a statement…

handmade snowflake decorations in modern interiors

Snowflakes are amazing, beautiful and captivating. They bring interesting shapes into winter home decorating and brighten up home interiors. Snowflakes are versatile for any winter decorating style and suitable for all rooms and outdoor living spaces. Unique and gorgeous snowflakes give great inspirations for creating wonderful…

christmas crafts, handmade home decorations, snowman christmas tree ornaments

Handmade snowmen are wonderful, playful and versatile Christmas tree ornaments and home decorations, that are suitable for all winter holidays. There are many creative ways to make these decorations. Reuse and recycle what you have at home and add a fabulous winter decoration to your home…

home fabrics and country style decor

Decorative fabrics and country home decor ideas from Ralph Lauren Home are inspired by traditional decorating of Alpine chalet. The collection is called Alpine Lodge and present 12 elegant and stylish decorative fabrics, stylish decor, pillows and throws, floor rugs and wall decorations, vases

vintage christmas balls

Old Christmas decorations, antique ornaments, Christmas tree tops and garlands, are a great way to bring vintage style into your home for winter holiday season and save money on Christmas decorating, spending more on presents, fun and delicious food. Here are tips for unique vintage

paper craft ideas, frame with deer for wall decoration

Winter decorating with deer images, figurines and Christmas tree decorations is symbolic and meaningful. Deer decorations bring the natural theme into modern homes and add interesting and pleasant details to modern home interiors. Creative Christmas decorating and New Year Eve party table

handmade christmas decorations for window sill

Simple window decoration is a way to add interesting and comforting designs to your rooms during winter holidays. Winter themed decor ideas look joyous and inviting. Elegant Christmas decorating ideas add charm to winter homes and make driving down a snowy lane with your family in…

lantern with candles and christmas lights

Traditional Christmas decorating ideas and classic color combination of white, red and green are timeless and are here to stay, perfect for country home decorating and holiday decor in vintage style. However, fresh Christmas decorating ideas and modern winter holiday decorating colors add interest and novelty…

ottoman with knitted cushion

Winter home decorating with knitted furniture and decor items feel cozy and warm. Knitted furniture upholstery fabrics, throws and pillows, floor rugs and storage baskets, vases and even tableware with knitted details are modern interior trends 2013 that celebrate unique handmade designs

winter holiday tale decorations and candle centerpiece ideas

Winter inspired food decoration, green branches arrangements, fresh flower bouquets and tea candles make wonderful table centerpieces for New Year’s Eve party. Creative and simple table decorations, sweet treats and good friends are ingredients for fun time and great party to welcome the new

pine cone with red ribbon

Handmade Christmas decorations and simple craft ideas are about peaceful time and creativity. Easy to make, unique and inexpensive homemade Christmas decorations feel nostalgic and warm, offering comfortable Christmas decorating ideas and saving time and energy for celebrating

christmas wreaths with pine cones for winter decorating

Fall and winter decorating ideas are inspired by wonderful winter holidays. Green branches, pine cones, Christmas tree decorations and mini lights are popular for making Christmas wreaths for beautiful wall, window and door decoration in fall and winter that adds charm and unique

black tree branches and golden vase for christmas decoration

Black and golden colors look spectacular, offering dramatic and stylish Christmas decorating ideas. Dark blue and black winter holiday decorations, jazzed up with golden glitter and embroidery, are modern trends. Fantastic black and golden yellow decorations make striking table centerpieces

Unique craft ideas that incorporate wool fiber into gorgeous designs are excellent for winter decorating and making special, eco friendly handmade gifts for Christmas and winter holidays. Wool fiber is a beautiful, warm, natural and pleasant material that brings soft texture

winter birds wool painting

Wool paintings make charming wall decorations and unique handmade gifts. Painting with wool fiber is one of fun craft ideas for adults and kids that celebrate the beauty of this natural material. You need just few wool rovings or yarn skeins in different colors for creating…