Cheap Home Decorations in Vintage Style Created with Colorful Handmade Felt Balls

cheap home decorations made with felt balls

Christmas tree decorations, window curtains and hanging lamp decorations created with colorful handmade felt balls look fabulous while bringing unique, creative and playful designs into your home interiors and helping save money on room decor. Home decorations made with felt balls are fantastic.


Felt balls look soft and familiar. Home decorations and crafts made of colorful handmade felt balls are romantic and elegant, blending modern ideas and vintage style into beautiful accents that transform rooms. Large felt balls can be used as Christmas tree decorations in vintage style. Felt Christmas balls make very special, unique and unusual Christmas gifts. Felt ball garlands and small home decorations can be made with more petite felt balls.

Light and tender, handmade felt home decorations add gorgeous texture to room decor and bring that fabulous Old World charm of Christmas tree decorating in vintage style into modern homes.

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Colorful handmade felt balls, cheap home decorations

You can use felt fabric pieces for making home decorations and then adorn them with colorful handmade felt balls for a gracious and spectacular look.

Making home decorations with felt is simple and quick, but allows to personalize your interior decorating, add charming accents to holiday decor and prepare unique gifts.

Handmade Christmas balls for holiday decor in vintage style, colorful felt Christmas decorations

Using blanket stitches, you can attach pieces of felt fabrics and design wonderful crafts and home decorations. Pinch your designs and secure them with a stitch, then attach a decorative accent, a handmade felt ball that will add depth to your ornament, accessory or creative gift.

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You can attach felt balls using either hot glue or a stitch. Adding colorful ribbons, buttons and small decorations made of fabrics turns your design original, bright and impressive.

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