Contemporary Wall Heaters and Covers for Decorating Old Room Heaters

wooden cover for wall heater

Contemporary wall heaters and retro-style radiators are functional room decor items and stylish home decorations. Made of solid wood or wooden products, covers for decorating old room heaters are useful decorative accessories that make the heating source designs safe, soft and pleasant to touch.


Covers for decorating old room heaters look gorgeous with wood furniture, offer beautiful shelves for a window sill or wall decorating with picture frames, candles and vases, convenient storage spaces for small items and an opportunity to create a focal point of interior decorating.

Wooden covers for wall heaters are a way to add unique design, warm texture and your favorite decorating color to room decor. Painting wall heater covers neutral or bright tones give a new life to old wall heaters and harmoniously blend room heaters with interior decorating.

contemporary wall heater

Contemporary room heaters and retro style radiators, painted and decorated with modern patterns, look like modern artworks, creating sophisticated home interiors. Heater covers made of plastic, wood or metal transform room decor, adding personal details to interior decorating.

Wooden covers for retro style radiators and old room heaters look natural, beautiful and charming. Exclusive handmade carving or simple geometric designs turn heater covers into attractive, functional and decorative accessories that add the charm of retro decor to modern interiors and wall decorating.

wooden cover for wall heater

Heater covers are available in various sizes and designs. DIY projects for making unique covers for wall heaters and radiators are nice ways to add a personal touch to your room decor.

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The collection of wooden covers for room heaters are inspiring, offering creative ideas for decorating wall heaters with covers that add charming details to retro decor.

modern cover for wall heater

Every type of room heater creates a specific mood in the room. Contemporary wall heaters are elegant and impressive. Retro-style radiators add a unique flavor of retro decor to modern interior decorating. Handmade covers for old wall heaters refresh the way a room looks and feels, and add attractive shelves for wall decorating.

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