Charming Country Home Decorations Highlighting Cottage Style Decor

country home decorations and kitchen design with white cabinets and wooden hood

Country home decorations creates an atmosphere of comfort and add charm to cottage style decor. Country home decorations look cozy and relaxing, helping create pleasant and warm living spaces. Cottage style decor looks amazing with modern and classic style design details. You can choose different colors, home fabrics and wood types for adding personal touches to cottage style decor and bringing unique country home decorations into your home.


Cottage style decor blend light and rich room colors that belong to natural color palettes. This interior design and decorating style is characterized by lush, pleasant and interesting, but not saturated room colors, that celebrate natural wood and fabrics.

Bright and neutral color shades balance cottage style decor and highlight gorgeous country home decorations made of natural materials. Cottage style decor, furniture and accessories, textiles and home fabrics add fabulous, inspired by nature interior decorating colors to cottage style decor and offer ideal color combinations for eco homes.

Unique country home decorations

Country style decor ideas mixing comfort and unique vintage accents

French country home decorating ideas from Provence

country home interior design and decorating with white painted wood furniture
Cottage home decorations and white painted wood furniture

Cottage style decor requires the use of only eco friendly products and materials also. Wooden floor and wall panels, wood furniture and decor accessories are blended with natural stone and glass, displaying the natural beauty of these interior design materials. Wooden walls and ceiling beams add to charming feel of cottage style decor.  Floral wallpaper patterns look harmonious and interesting with wood, stone, metal, glass and natural fabrics.

Wood furniture or wicker furniture and decor accessories, lighting fixtures and country home decorations occupy an  interior designed in country style. Sofas and rocking chairs, storage baskets and wood shelves create a wonderful background for country home decorations.

country home decorations, porcelain tea set in white and blue colors
Country home decorations in vintage style, tea set in white and blue colors

Patchwork fabrics and handmade embroidery, simple and elegant window curtains and dry flower arrangements are wonderful country home decorations that create a desirable, relaxing and charming look of cottage style decor. Wood furniture and decor accessories with natural imperfections, or wrought iron lighting and fittings are ideal for country primitive decor.

English home blending French country decorating ideas into modern interiors

20 modern interior bringing clack color into country style decor

Decorative pillows , table lamps with floral patterns on lamp shades, country style bowls and plates with dishes with floral ornaments, plants or birds images, antique porcelain figurines and cute handmade country home decorations are excellent accessories for creating charming and inviting cottage style decor.

country style dining furniture
Simple and elegant cottage style decor, wood furniture and natural fabrics

Cottage style decor is romantic and calming. Reflecting the gorgeous beauty of countryside, this interior design and decorating style calls for natural natural and traditional ideas. Comfortable and simple cottage style decor, spiced up by unique country home decorations feels amazing with open windows that fill rooms with sounds of waves or birds songs and pleasant aromas of fresh grass and blooming flowers.

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