21 DIY Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas Bringing Romance into Modern Homes

diy home decorations and crafts for shabby chic interiors

Shabby chic ideas are one of modern trends in decorating. If you like vintage style and shabby chic furniture, this collection of shabby chic interiors can give you many beautiful inspirations for handmade decorations, crafts and DIY projects. Shabby chic decorating is romantic and nostalgic, pretty and very attractive.


Shabby chic decorating ideas help create beautiful and modern interiors on a small budget. Shabby chic furniture and decor accessories, crafts and accents in vintage style are a way to save money and add charming personality to shabby chic interiors.

DIY shabby chic ideas are versatile, suitable for classic and country home decorating. Shabby chic furniture and decor accessories look beautiful with cottage decorating style and work well with home furnishings in every room.

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Shabby chic decorating ideas

White paint colors vintage furniture and white decorating fabrics, shabby chic ideas

Shabby chic ideas recycle and reinvent old furniture. Painted white, light blue, graying blue and gray color tones add elegance and fresh look to vintage furniture pieces. A patina adds a sense of antiquity and enhance vintage furniture beauty.

Shabby chic decorating ideas celebrate the history and charming imperfections. Handmade home decorations, crafts and accents in vintage style can be beautifully brighten up by light pastels and white paint colors.

Shabby chic decorating ideas, chair seat painting in lace pattern

Pale blue and pink, light gray color tones and soft beige, combined with gorgeous white paint colors create gorgeous shabby chic interiors. Shabby chic ideas allow to combine these colors with matching decor patterns and decorate shabby chic furniture in a unique and romantic style.

Shabby chic ideas inspired by beautiful flowers and garden decorations in vintage style

Shabby chic ideas turning a garden house into a beautiful summer retreat

You can easily create beautiful shabby chic interiors with large shabby chic furniture or small decorations in vintage style, bringing the romantic past into modern homes. Light paint colors, natural fabrics in pale neutral colors, lace, floral fabrics and ribbons are ideal materials for DIY shabby chic ideas.

Ribbons and lace, white and pink colors for shabby chic decorating

Interior decorating spiced up with shabby chic furniture and decor accessories cost much less and look very beautiful, comfortable and unique. To decorate shabby chic interiors does not require special skills, although needlework talents help. Get inspired for simple crafts and vintage furniture decoration projects to transform your rooms into romantic shabby chic interiors.

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