Gorgeous Art Deco Decorating Ideas Reflecting Avant Garde Art Styles

art deco decorating ideas for modern home interiors

The Art Deco decorating style was originated in the 20s and 30s, and now becoming a strong modern trend in home decorating, bringing unique designs, distinct color combinations and luxurious materials into modern home decor. Art Deco furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures are inspired by Cubism and Futurism art.


Art Deco decorating ideas reflect the art in Avant-Garde styles that break imaged of objects and reassemble them in abstract style., emphasizing the new technology that shapes the world and allows to create fresh and unusual forms. Zigzags and simple geometric shapes in home decoration patterns reflect these Avant-Garde styles.

Art Deco decorating ideas blend various materials to create bold combinations that make a statement. Aluminum, lacquered wood with inlay, natural stone and stainless steel, ceramic and glass make interior decorating look bright and impressive. Strong color contrasts add energy and an unusual look to striking interior decorating with Art Deco furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures.

Fabulous Art Deco furniture adding rich colors and unique designs to modern interior decorating

Art Deco decorating ideas, minimalist Art Deco interiors

Modern interior design and Art Deco decorating ideas

Living room with Art Deco decor

Neutral color combinations with splashes of color, stenciling on walls near the ceiling add beautiful accents to wall design in Art Deco style. Linoleum or hardwood floors with unique area rugs are great for Art Deco home decorating.

Interesting decoration patterns and prints with geometric designs, combined with contrasting color combinations, make nice Art Deco accessories for floors.

Bathroom design with unique walls and floor created with mosaic tiles

Art Deco furniture pieces show light wood texture, Art Deco furniture can feature rounded corners or stepped edges. Luxurious home fabrics, like silk, wool, velvet and leather, add chic to interior decorating in Art Deco style.  Light window curtains or a simple cornice box above the window add Art Deco accents to your windows. Large frameless wall mirrors bring more light into rooms and make interior decorating look spacious.

Art Deco furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures for elite interior decorating

Art Deco decor creating top notch modern interior design and decorating

Art Deco decorating ideas blend unique Art Deco furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures with neutral color combinations and bold yellow, orange or red accents, creating very impressive, bright home interiors. Art Deco lighting fixtures are made with glass and feature various bold metal finished to add shine and beautiful splendor to interior decorating with gorgeous Art Deco furniture and decor accessories.

Light home furnishings in neutral colors and Art Deco decor
Spectacular Art Deco decorating ideas in black and white color combination, Art Deco chandelier and Art decor furniture
Bold Art Deco decor with red accents, Art Deco furniture and decorating materials in neutral colors

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