Manak Pendant Lights Bringing Ethnic Interior Decorating Accents into Homes

pendant lights for asian interior decorating

Manak pendant lights are excellent lighting fixtures for all who like Asian interior decorating style and are ready to add charming lanterns to their homes. Ethnic interior is one of modern interior design trends, blending traditional and contemporary elements into modern room decor.


Pendant lights that are inspired by traditional metal lanterns are great for bringing Indian accents into modern interior design and create original and unique ethnic interior decorating. Beautiful hanging lamps  are designed for Horchow and offer gorgeous lighting fixtures for outdoor and interior design.

Inspired by Asian interior decorating ideas, these bright and attractive pendant lights add true decorations to modern homes, bringing charming lighting fixtures with extraordinary design in Indian style into room decor and creating a universal appeal.

Unique handmade pendant lights for ethnic interior decor

pendant lights for asian interior decorating
Gorgeous pendant lights in Indian style for Asian interior decorating

Made of steel and glass, decorated with embossed and colored beads, Manak Pendant Lights look antique, luxurious and exclusive. These hanging lamps will create stunning centerpieces for contemporary interior design creatively blending ethnic interior decorating elements into eclectic style.

These fabulous lighting fixtures look romantic and elegant,perfect for Asian interior decorating or giving a unique touch to traditional interior design, spiced up with ethnic interior accents.

unique lighting fixtures, handmade lanterns indian style
Unique lighting fixtures for ethnic interior decorating

These handmade pendant lights in bright colors offer a great opportunity to enrich modern interior decorating with stylish rich shades, Рblue, purple, deep pink, dark red, silver gray and ivory.  Horchow hanging lamps are beautiful, unusual and impressive, grabbing the attention and dramatically changing a room atmosphere.

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Ideal for Asian interior decorating and ethnic interior design, these lighting fixtures, decorated with colored beads, provide softly glowing light that is flowing between strings if beads. The light creates soft and tender interior decorating, enhancing home interiors with illusive shadows and a relaxing feel.

Glass beads hanging lamp for Asian interior decorating

handmade hanging lamp ethnic interior decor
Handmade lantern made with small glass beads, stylish hanging lamp for ethnic interior decorating

Attractive handmade pendant lights are simple and luxurious, perfect for Asian interior decorating and lighting outdoor rooms. They will look fantastic on a roofed veranda or in open outdoor living spaces, like backyard decks, patios and gazebos.

Oriental interior decorating, Asian home decor accessories and ideas

Remarkable colonial style in house interiors with ethnic flavor

The price is $ 275 US, and the lighting fixtures are available from Horchow,

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