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Minimalist style is one of the contemporary trends in decorating. Minimalist style is perfect for all who appreciate clutter-free, functional and elegant modern interiors. Modern interior design and room decor in minimalist style are practical, functional, and comfortable. The minimalist style adds unique character to spacious,…

Sculptured contemporary rugs reminiscent of grass and moss add unique textures and pleasant green colors to interior decorating, blending functionality and a whimsical design into original decorative accessories for exciting and modern floor decoration in eco style. Green floor carpets and sculptured rugs are wonderful for…

Handmade quilts are unique, gorgeous and modern wall decorations. There is nothing like a handcrafted cotton quilt to bring a feeling of comfort into your home and connect contemporary design with traditions. Contemporary designs look like artworks offering stunning centerpieces that make a statement, and creating…

Contemporary home interiors showcase elegant interior design and offer beautifully bright room decor in rich and neutral color combinations. Italian decorating style brings elegance and sophistication into contemporary homes, flavouring interiors with cosmopolitan details, rich room colors

Music themes decor can inspire great interior decorating ideas for a teenage bedroom. If your teenager dreams of becoming a DJ, this small apartment decorating with the contemporary music theme gives many ideas and inspirations for teenage bedroom decorating that young adults

Modern interiors of a spacious penthouse. situated in an unusual apartment building in Madrid, look stylish and airy. Vintage furniture and salvaged wood pieces bring warmth and cosiness into white decorating. Modern interior design features an access to a charming terrace

Modern interior design and decorating ideas from Staffan Tollgard Design Group demonstrate unique style that blend Asian and Scandinavian functionality with a strong appreciation of furniture as sculptural art. Two story Kensington penthouse in London is one of their latest projects that created gorgeous and stylish…

Modern house design projects by Yuri Ryntovt surprise and delight. Attractive architectural interiors and decor create interesting and functional living spaces, offering beautiful and unique contemporary homes in Ukraine. This modern house is located in Kharkiv region and built

Modern house design and gorgeous interior decorating ideas make Nettlton 199 house in Cape Town a true retreat. Designed by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors, this modern house in South Africa offers beautiful and luxurious home interiors with comfortable, soft and relaxing room decor

Modern interior design and decor, inspired by homes in Southern France, bright colors and warm decorating materials make this house design by Brian Dillard Architecture truly unique, charming and welcoming, offering a beautiful and comfortable home with architectural interiors and decor reminiscent

Luxurious penthouse design in Mumbai, India is an impressive project, developed by Rajiv Saini. Modern interior design ideas combine light color palette and spacious layout, natural materials, like wood and stone with soft textures, unique lighting fixtures and comfortable furnishings

The modern house design from will bruder+PARTNERS is a contemporary home which features unique architecture and elegant interior design. Natural materials, neutral and warm room colors, inspired by the desert landscape, create a unique, artistic and graceful contemporary home. This comfortable, airy and spacious modern house…

Spacious contemporary interior decorating ideas emphasize beautiful architectural features of this new house design, completed in 2011. Wooden ceiling, floor and walls, simple and elegant wood furniture and impressive lighting fixtures in airy home interiors make Hawkesbury Residence

Three-story penthouse, located in Sochi, is an interesting project, developed by a Russian architect Vladislav Zabolotniy. Beautiful three level penthouse in a prestigious apartment building offer luxurious interior decorating and a picturesque panoramic view of the city

Black and white decorating color palette, combined with stylish and simple modern furniture and lighting fixtures, create sophisticated contemporary home interiors that provide beautiful and comfortable rooms for rest and relaxation. Red color accents bring energy and add more interest to modern

Contemporary interior decorating and white color create beautiful and light modern house design. Sea Shell Residence interiors by Lanciano Design, Israel, are spacious and bright. Unique lighting ideas and lots of glass, gray and white color palette and artistic accents make this modern home interior