Modern Interior Decorating with Blue Stripes and Nautical Decor Theme

nautical themed decor accessories, room furniture and interior decorating ideas

A nautical theme is spectacular, bright and romantic. Navy blue and light blue stripes look gorgeous with white colors and red accents. Nautical themed decor accessories,  clipper ship wheels. models, photographs and sea shells enhance the nautical theme and create unique and very interesting modern interior decorating. Decor4all collected some ideas that demonstrate how to use fabulous stripes in white and blue colors and enhance the nautical themed decor with simple and elegant accents.


A sailboat makes a nice centerpiece for a coffee table, when you want to emphasize your nautical themed decor ideas and add a personal touch to this adventurous, surprising and romantic decor theme. The nautical theme is very easy and fun, but do not overdo it with too many decorations and striking stripes in white and blue colors. An accent piece of striped room furniture or an accent walls with stripes in white and blue colors, combined with a few nautical themed decor accessories create very elegant and bright interior decorating.

Modern interior decorating ideas that are simple and elegant look sophisticated and beautiful. It is easy to add too many nautical decor accessories to your room decorating, especially if you really like it. Use contrasts of white and blue colors in moderation, and personalize interior decorating with a few themed decor accessories.

Sea shell crafts and images, ideas to enhance nautical decor theme

Nautical decor ideas for kids rooms

Nautical decor ideas and interior decorating inspirations

Striped room furniture in white and blue colors, nautical decor accessories in red color

Nautical decor theme can make your interior decorating look its best without making your guests want to jump overboard. Stylish white and blue colors, attractive striped furniture upholstery fabrics, window curtains and decorative pillows offer great combinations with nautical decor accessories that brighten up interior decorating color schemes, enhance elegance of your room decorating and enrich the nautical decor theme.

White and blue colors

Interior decorating color schemes need to be simple when you use contrasting white and blue colors. Navy blue, white and light blue colors, beige and light gray color tones are wonderful color choices for the nautical theme. Decorative accents in red colors add interest and excitement to modern nautical decor ideas.

Soft white and blue color for living room decorating with nautical theme, striped furniture upholstery fabric and coral decorations

Decorating accents in red colors need to be in one shade to create more relaxing and beautiful interior decorating.Navy blue, white and light blue colors, sea-foam blue and all shades of turquoise blue colors are great decorating colors, but you need to choose just one or two for your room decorating with the nautical theme. All together these gorgeous room colors and white-blue stripes look overwhelming and confusing. Simple decorating color schemes and combination of nautical decor accessories are great for creating fabulous, comfortable and modern interior decorating with the nautical theme.

Nautical decor ideas enhanced by vintage ship wheels

Nautical themed decor ideas for party table

Nautical decor accessories

Nautical decor accents are very attractive, unique, meaningful and captivating. Nautical themed decor accessories are fantastic for creative interior decorating with stripes in white and blue colors, that show off your personality and enhance the nautical theme. Antique clipper ship wheels and handmade models of boats, signal flags and photographs of ships change room decorating, bringing the nautical theme into your home.

Kids room decorating ideas, white blue red colors and nautical decor accessories

A single large decoration is a great idea for elegant interior decorating with the nautical theme. A large decoration makes a strong statement defining the nautical themed decor and creating a stunning focal point for modern interior decorating with stripes in white and blue colors.

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Nautical decor ideas for kids, room decorating with ship wheels

Room furniture for nautical themed decor

Room furniture with stripes and items in white and blue colors increase the statement that nautical decor accessories create. Nautical themed decor looks the best most sophisticated when room furniture is comfortable and simple, in one style. Gorgeous white and blue stripes can look like too much with eclectic interior decorating. Natural fabrics, wood and metal, especially bronze details are great interior decorating ideas for the nautical theme.

White and blue stripes on walls and floor, bathroom decorating ideas

The nautical theme is inspired by the ocean and voyages. Nautical decor ideas can include images and models of fish, sea shells and decorations created with beach pebbles and driftwood pieces. Nautical decor ideas are simple and bright, celebrating contrasts and bringing the beauty and mystery of the ocean, adventurous spirit and romantic mood into modern interior decorating.

Elegant nautical themed decor ideas in white and navy blue colors with red accents
Nautical themed decor ideas, unique bed, door and striped walls in white and blue colors
White and blue bedding set with stripes, old ship photographs emphasizing nautical decor theme
Striped accessories, decorative pillows in white and blue

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