Fresh Modern Ideas, Decorative Patterns and Color Trends in Home Decorating

interior decorating with blue and red colors, modern decorative patterns

Red, orange and brown colors of fall leaves, gray color shades and rich blue are favorite room colors for interior decorating this season. Bright and warm interior decorating with traditional fall colors is enriched with stylish dark blue color tones and neutral colors, creating more spacious living spaces.


Modern interior decorating ideas and room colors are inspired by the nature. Vivid hues of fall leaves, blue sky colors and gray colors of autumn clouds are blended into gorgeous room decor that is warm and relaxing, cozy and elegant, perfect for cooler days and nights.

Bright sunny yellow accents bring cheerful mood into fall decorating. Neutral colors enhance peaceful and inviting interior decorating ideas, Rich room colors celebrate the beauty of gorgeous fall season, adding unique details, decoration patterns and color combinations to modern home interiors.

Modern ideas for fall decorating with rich colors and stylish patterns

Modern trends in home decorating, creative designs and rich blue-red color combinations

Fall leaves and bright sunshine, dark blue sky and clouds give great inspirations for selecting interior decorating colors. These beautiful rich color combinations can create fabulous interior decorating with charming and unusual hues, their combinations, interesting textures and fresh decoration patterns.

Blue and red colors are new color combinations for fall decorating. neutral colors, combined with blue and red colors define one of unique and surprising trends in home decorating with bright contrasts. Warm red colors and peaceful cool blue color tones look beautiful and inspiring with traditional room colors used for fall decorating.

Neutral color tones and red colors for modern interior decorating

Unexpected details and extravagant accents bring exciting modern trends into home decorating for designing one-of-a-kind, playful and interesting room decor. Handmade furniture pieces and decor accessories, wood and metal, combined with rich color shades and creative designs make modern home interiors look like art installations while providing comfortable and functional living spaces.

Latest trends in home decorating fabrics for comfortable and modern interiors

Modern wallpaper and home fabrics inspired by Central Asian trends in home decorating

Unusual decorative accessories and furniture details, combined with rich room colors, are modern trends in home decorating that set the right atmosphere in the room with adventurous and optimistic vibe. Decorative pillows, lamp shades, artworks and even tableware in blue and red colors or neutral colors that soften deep blue and azure color shades, create bright and rich room decor, perfect for stylish and fresh fall decorating.

Various textures and color shades for unique furniture design

Modern floor rugs with simple decorative patterns and designs inspired by ethnic decorating styles are fabulous trends in home decorating. Simple geometric patterns, like colorful triangles or octagonal designs, bring stylish accents into modern interiors. Handmade exotic crafts make perfect accents that enhance the rich blue color schemes also and add interest to modern interior decorating in neutral colors.

Modern interior trends in decorative patterns and home fabrics

Exotic trends in home decorating bring animal prints into modern room decor

Decorative patterns that mimic parquet floors, zig-zags, marble or natural wood texture are beautiful trends in home decorating that bring original and fresh ideas, creative color combinations and monochromatic color tones into rooms. Blue color shades, all browns colors, black and gray color tones make these nature inspired decorative patterns look even more attractive.

Modern decorative patterns and rich blue color, trends in home decorating

Fall crafts and original interior decorating ideas are modern trends that are popular and enjoyed by all. Recycling ideas for creating unique decor items that are functional and attractive is a great way to personalize room decor. Handmade fall crafts are wonderful for bringing character into modern interior decorating and add a relaxing feel and a sense of rustic chic to comfortable and elegant living spaces.

Modern interior trends in decorating walls and decorative fabrics

Modern interior trends in decorating with patchwork patterns

Calm neutral colors and rich blue color shades, sunny yellow or warm red colors, combined with creative interior decorating ideas, contemporary or rustic simplicity and stylish decorative patterns, turn rooms into bright and inviting, comfortable and very attractive living spaces and add surprising, fresh and innovative details to traditional, elegant and cozy fall decorating.

Handmade crafts and unique furniture design ideas, recycling and upcycling trends in home decorating
Hand-painted decorative vases, DIY trends in home decorating
Wooden textures and blue color, trends in home decorating

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