Modern Interior Decorating Ideas Enhancing Country Style Decor with Vichy Check Fabric Patterns

vichy check fabric patterns and country style decor ideas

Vichy checks are great decorative patterns. Checkered woven fabric patterns look soft and charming. These decorative fabrics enhance country style decor and create pleasant, relaxing and comfortable interior decorating. Decor4all collected wonderful country style decor ideas to share and inspire all who appreciate cozy and warm interior decorating with these beautiful fabric patterns.


Vichy checks are timelessly stylish and very decorative patterns typically used in cotton fabrics. In two colors (black-and-white, blue-and-white, or brown-and-white, deep red and white, green and white or blue and white rendering, these fabric patterns are excellent for country style decor. The name vichy is given by the French town Vichy, known for its production of cotton fabrics for aprons and shirts which are typically in these check patterns.

Country style decor ideas include many beautiful fabric prints and decorative patterns. Fabric patterns with vichy checks offer a fresh approach to country home decorating and look very comfortable and soft. The secret to the new version of country style decor lies in combining new and modern ideas with and vintage furniture and vintage decor accessories, and enhancing interior decorating with traditional fabric patterns, like vichy checks.

Country style decor with vichy check fabric patterns

Dining room decorating with floral wallpaper and chair slipcovers with vichy check fabric patterns

Country style decor calls for natural, bright and soft interior colors. Classic fabric prints and decorative patterns in primary red, yellow, green and blue colors look harmonious with wooden furniture, ceramic, glass and wrought iron accents.White tones and light creamy yellow color shades brighten up country style decor ideas and create fabulous vichy check fabric patterns.

There are an infinite number of interior color combinations for country style decor with fabric prints and decorative patterns. Bright and soft pastels, deep color shades and neutral colors create amazing vichy check fabric patterns that enhance and beautify country style decora ideas.

Bedroom decorating ideas, bedding fabric with white and red checks

Vichy check fabric patterns are charming and fairly easy to incorporate in country style decor. Two color decorative patterns that match existing interior colors add beautiful accents to room decorating and increase its appeal. Natural color shades and color combinations with creamy yellow color shades, white and light gray color tones are used to create gorgeous fabric patterns that create simple, soft and elegant country style decor.

Beautiful home fabrics and wallpaper patterns inspired by South and Central American colors

Lace fabrics and decorative patterns for room decorating

Country style fabric patterns include floral designs, checks and stripes. These decorative patterns in matching colors can be mixed together to complement interior decorating in country home style. Vichy checks are especially versatile and easy to use for country home decorating. Checked tablecloths and napkins, window curtains and decorative pillows, blankets and lamp shades celebrate welcoming country style decor.

Dining room decorating in country style, decor in white and red colors

Vintage decor accessories and contemporary home fabrics with traditional checked patterns create harmony with existing interior decorating  while adding interest and charming softness to room furniture and decor accessories. These decorative patterns create beautiful fabric prints and woven designs. Vichy check patterns work well with metal and wooden furniture, vintage decor pieces and modern home furnishings.

Beautiful wallpapers and home fabrics adding colorful decorative patterns to furnishings and walls

Simple checked decorative patterns and neutral colors creating beautiful country kitchen decor

Even one or two pieces of room furniture adorned by decorative fabrics with vichy checks make a strong statement and add great centerpieces for creating beautiful country style decor. These two color fabric patterns offer the freedom to mix and match room furniture and decor accessories, blending antiques, vintage furniture pieces and modern items.

Checked window curtains in white and green colors, vichy check fabric patterns and vintage furniture for modern interior decorating

Natural wood, ceramics, glass items, rustic accents and weathered metal, vintage furniture and beautiful home fabrics with vichy checked fabric patterns give interior decorating ideas the most welcoming, warm and homey feel, and add unique vintage charm to country style decor.

Decorative fabrics in red colors, striped and vichy fabric prints, decorative patterns for country home decorating ideas
Bedroom decorating with floral and checked fabric patterns in white and red colors

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