Beautiful Home Fabrics and Modern Wallpaper Patterns Inspired by Caribean and South American Colors

modern interior decorating ideas with bright room colors and natural decor themes

Beautiful home fabrics and modern wallpaper patterns from British designers blend elegance and exotic charm, offering spectacular ideas to brighten up and style interior decorating. Decor4all presents modern ideas, fabric prints, wallpaper patterns and room colors for creative and bright interior decorating. The collection Voyage of Discovery is influenced by 17th century designs of the Victorian era, exotic motifs and nature inspired interior decorating accents.


The collection reflects the richness of flora and fauna of the Caribbean region and South America, as well as the natural beauty and bright colors of the landscapes in the southern hemisphere. Interior decorating colors and a variety of exotic patterns are creative interpretations of soft and bright colors of Central and South Americas. The sand of the ocean beaches, lush vegetation, colorful animals, tropical fish and birds, fabulous grasses and beautiful flowers inspired bright room colors, vivid decoration patterns and bright fabric prints.

Colorful home fabrics and modern wallpaper patterns inspired by traveling to exotic countries, natural motifs, embroidery and nature inspired fabric prints are wonderful decorations that bring the beauty and softness into modern interior decorating. Strips and check patterns come in different, attractive and modern color combinations. Home fabrics with damask weaving complement interior decorating with modern wallpaper.

Beautiful wallpapers, romantic vintage wallpaper patterns

Decorative home fabrics and modern wallpaper inspired by natural beauty

Nature inspired decor themes and bright room colors, home fabrics and beautiful wallpapers

Playful and detailed fabric prints bring images of monkeys, tropical fruits and beautiful flowers. These designs are inspired by the first detailed sketches by the expedition scientists traveled to Central America and South America in the Victorian era.

Decorating home fabrics, created by digital printing in various color combinations, and modern wallpaper patterns inspired by exotic landscapes look charming and interesting, enhancing interior decorating with colorful accents.

Bird images for modern wall decorating

Modern wallpaper patterns and home fabrics prints reflect the diversity of the flora and fauna of the Amazon jungle, bringing an exotic vibe into interior decorating. Colorful images of hummingbirds and tropical plants enhance modern wallpaper patterns and home fabrics with bright details and color combinations of the rainforest.

Bright Italian textiles and fabric prints inspired by vintage oriental rugs and kilims

Modern wallpaper patterns, trees and branches for eco interior decorating

Rich room colors reflect lush vegetation. Tropical prints with large leaves and beautiful flowers look fantastic. Linen fabrics in Caribbean colors energize room decor and fill up interiors with bright colors. The Galapagos theme brings antique maps of the famous archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Stunning aqua and deep turquoise blue colors create harmonious and beautiful interior decorating with soft white tones and all shades of natural green colors.

Modern decoration patterns and room colors for bedroom decorating

The Coral Reef theme offers elegant coral-red colors and create depth with beautiful embroidery design, combined with fabric prints. Cotton and linen home fabrics in natural colors look interesting and novel with embroidery and nature inspired designs.  The Coral and Fish theme adds bright room colors to modern interior decorating.  Cotton and linen home fabrics demonstrate very attractive prints and embroidery patterns.

Modern room colors and fabric prints for interior decorating

Latest trends in decorative home fabrics and prints for modern interior decorating

The flower themes explore complex decoration patterns and fabric prints inspired by clematis flowers. Gorgeous images of tender blooming camellias bring charming watercolor sketches in botanical albums into modern interior decorating and create romantic, pleasant and elegant look. The pastels enhance room colors with monochromatic, soft and charming color tones.

Beautiful wallpapers inspired by natural beauty

Modern wallpaper patterns and fabric prints with images of beautiful flowers and tropical birds are a nice way to add bright accents to room colors and refresh interior decorating with very attractive, versatile and elegant nature inspired decor themes. Textiles, decorative home fabrics and modern wallpaper patterns blend the classic British style with exotic motifs and rich colors. Strips, branches and trees patterns, birds images and green leaves patterns are combined with neutral colors and vivid hues.

Beautiful wallpapers and fabric prints adding colorful patterns to modern interior decorating

Exotic trends in home decorating bring animal prints into modern room decor

With this variety of decorative home fabrics, prints, decoration patterns and modern wallpaper designs that the latest trends in decorating bring into modern interiors it is easy to find the perfect combinations and room colors for every home.

Modern interior decorating with bright fabric prints

  Posted: 20.05.2014 by Decor4all