Modern Interior Decorating Ideas with Mexican Flavor, Casa Camino


wood ceiling and wall

Modern interior decorating ideas from Mexican architects look spacious and dramatic. Casa Camino is located in Chihuahuan desert, a unique place of diverse natural life and stunning beauty. Large windows and free flowing space concept allow to enjoy the picturesque view from any room in the house, offering bright interior decorating ideas for modern house design with ethnic flavor.


Modern interior decorating ideas include wooden floor and ceiling, wood furniture and upholstery fabrics, that look soft and warm, creating warm room decor for winter season, when the low temperatures reach -8 C. Golden brown colors of wood floor, ceiling and furniture increase the warming effect, creating pleasant and cozy retreat for cold days.

Elegant gray leather furniture pieces are combined with light grey furniture upholstery fabrics and bright decorative cushions with colorful stripes that bring ethnic motifs into modern interior decorating.


Exotic ikat pattern, modern interior decorating ideas

Interior decorating with Juju hats, modern room decor ideas

Modern living room design with wood floor, ceiling and cabinets, contemporary interior decorating ideas

Blue floor rug and decorative cushions look calming, adding cooling accents to room decor that feels airy and cool in hot days.

The contemporary mix of steel and concrete is soften with wood floor, ceiling and furniture, offering welcoming dining room and kitchen interiors.

Modern living room furniture and decorative accents with stripes that add Mexican flavor to room decor

Neutral colors help each interior space be referred to more than one exterior, celebrating the natural beauty, harmony and unpretentious room decor.

Moroccan furniture and decorative fabrics for ethnic room decor

Colonial style house, modern interior decorating ideas

Neutral colors, gray leather furniture pieces and wood floor, ceiling and cabinets create a balanced mix of universally appealing color scheme and natural materials, jazzed up with colorful stripes on bright decorative cushions and floor rug that add Mexican flavor to modern room decor.

Creating a continuity between landscape and room decor and transcending distinctions between inside and outside are a nice way of creating attractive, spacious and comfortable room decor.

Casa Camino residence, located in Chihuahua, Mexico, is a recent project from an interior design studio Parque Humano,

  Posted: 24.12.2011 by Decor4all