10 Inspiring Dressing Room Decorating Ideas in Vintage Style

interior decorating with vintage furniture and accessories

Dressing room decorating ideas in vintage style create a beautiful, charming and elegant space for a woman to dress up in style. Clothes, shoes and accessories are important elements of modern dresses, and a spacious walk-n closet design and attractive dressing room decorating add more luxury to any lady’s lifestyle. Decor4all brings 10 beautiful examples of dressing room decorating in vintage style that blends functionality, chic look and nostalgic feel into fabulous dressing room designs.


Dressing room design may vary in size and style. Small dressing rooms is an elegant way to re replace a simple storage cabinet or a traditional wardrobe. Large dressing room design features a few shelves, storage cabinets with drawers, a comfortable chair or ottoman and clothes organizers, creating convenient and stylish space which can satisfy the most capricious ladies.

Modern dressing room decorating ideas in vintage style bring charming feminine decor into homes, turning even a small room into functional and beautiful dressing room that has everything a lady needs to feel and look beautiful.

10 beautiful ideas for home decorating in vintage style

Interior decorating with handmade decorative accessories in vintage style

Modern dressing room decorating ideas in vintage style

Dressing room decorating with vintage furniture and decor accessories in vintage style

A soft ottoman or large chair, a console table with well organized storage spaces are convenient and beautiful dressing room decorating ideas. Small decorations, home fabrics and furniture in vintage style, combined with elegant lighting fixtures, bring classy and elegant look into modern dressing room design.

Soft and rich room colors, monochromatic palette or pastel tones look fabulous with dressing room furniture in vintage style, creating a relaxing atmosphere with female vibe.

Feather decorations and vintage vases bringing charm and classy style into interior decorating

Charming little things, vintage furniture and decor accessories blend exclusive and delicate taste with functionality. Cute decorative accessories and antique items, such as boxes, glass jars, candle holders, miniature sculptures and figurines, combined with feathers, dried or artificial flower arrangements and decorative pillows with embroidery, lace or appliques, create fantastic atmosphere of a dressing room in vintage style.

Amazing artworks in vintage style recycling old fabrics for textile sculptures

Romantic bedroom decor ideas in vintage style with delicate pink accents

Natural stone figurines and soft decorating fabrics, unique details, fragrant sachet bags and colorful accents add attractive contrasts to dressing room decorating and offer charming, intimate and exquisite ideas for creating a gorgeous room filled with a pleasant aroma and chic.

Charming furniture decoration in vintage style

A few decorative accessories in vintage style enhance dressing room decorating and look harmonious with vintage furniture pieces. Soft and tender room colors, luxurious home fabrics and vintage furniture that brings unique shapes into room design make a dressing room feel calm, elegant and comfortable.

Unique vintage style home decorating ideas to show your artistic nature

20 charming bedroom decorating ideas in vintage style

Draperies or light curtains, decorative pillows and floor carpets, that add soft texture to dressing room decorating ideas. These functional home accessories work well with antique items, vintage furniture and decor accessories, vintage wallpaper, wall paintings, vintage decoration patterns and prints, that compliment interior in vintage style.

Dressing room storage shelves for shoes collections

Elegant gray and white decorating ideas enrich dressing room decor in vintage style, creating soft and inviting, harmonious and cozy interior design for modern dressing rooms.

Vintage furniture and small decor accessories in vintage style

More inspiring ideas for dressing room decorating in vintage style

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