unique vintage

recycling old suitcases for home furnishings in vintage style

Interior decorating with suitcases in vintage style is eco friendly and creative. Old suitcases bring unique color, texture and design into modern interior decorating and add accents in vintage style that are super modern, nostalgic and romantic. Many people are afraid of adding vintage items, especially…

dining room decor in vintage style

Formal dining room decorating ideas are a great way to entertain guests and the family in style. Vintage furniture in classic and certain periods inspired vintage furniture and decor accessories are wonderful for dining room decorating for formal events and special occasions. Decor4all shares a collection…

chenille home fabrics for modern home decorating in vintage style

Chenille fabrics are soft and beautiful, ideal for bedroom decorating, kids rooms and bathrooms. Chenille makes bedspread, decorative pillows, furniture upholstery fabrics, bath robes and towels look textured, very interesting and attractive. Chenille fabrics are popular for its softness, unusual appearance, beautiful texture and romantic feel…

interior decorating with vintage furniture and accessories

Dressing room decorating ideas in vintage style create a beautiful, charming and elegant space for a woman to dress up in style. Clothes, shoes and accessories are important elements of modern dresses, and a spacious walk-n closet design and attractive dressing room decorating add more luxury…

hanging christmas tree decorating ideas in german style

Upside down Christmas tree, decorated with beautiful glass ornaments, Christmas balls and angels create fabulous holiday decor in Medieval German Style. Christmas is considered by Germans to be the most important of the major holidays. Creative, festive and meaningful Christmas tree decoration enhance the spirit of…

wall clocks and modern wall decorating ideas

Modern interior decorating with large wall clocks looks elegant and peaceful, blending these beautiful accents in contemporary or vintage style into room decor. Wall clocks bright that retro feel into modern homes. Wall clocks were practically everywhere a few years ago, in offices, schools, home interiors…

modern interior decorating with chests and trunks

Chests and trunks are unique storage furniture pieces that add wonderful accents to room decor. These items, used to be luggage, look nostalgic and interesting, bringing romantic and adventurous feel into modern interior decorating in eclectic, rustic, country home or vintage style. They improve functionality of…

shabby chic ideas for home decorating

This garden house with a small room is decorated in romantic shabby chic style, which turns a simple structure into a beautiful summer retreat. The peaceful, bright and inviting garden house that offers comfortable decor is a nice and creative way to expand your home living…

country home with garden

French country decor style, enhanced by Brocante items, creates romantic, beautiful and relaxing country home interiors and turns a country house in Poland into a luxurious, warm and welcoming retreat with French charm. Much of the appeal of French country decor style lies in decorating with…

handmade home decorations, patchwork throw

Vintage style allows to create unique masterpieces on a canvas of your home. Meaningful and nostalgic room decor accessories and vintage furniture look different, but familiar and classy. Modern interior decorating in vintage style is ideal for your adding a unique touch to room decor and…

vintage decor accessories, pillows and vintage dresses

Interesting and unique vintage style is a nice way to creating the right atmosphere in your living spaces that feel romantic and sentimental, comfortable and romantic. Vintage style decorating ideas have an aesthetic appeal and allow to add a great feeling of comfort and personality to…

round wall mirror in wooden frame and antique console table

Antiques and retro home decor items are modern trends in decorating. Antique and retro decor, everything that you can find in antiques shops blend modern home decorating ideas with timeless traditions and create stylish and exclusive Bohemian decor styles for very personal, comfortable and beautiful rooms….

floral wallpaper and antique glass vases with flowers

Vintage decor brings chic and style into modern home interiors. Charming antiques and retro finds, old vintage decor items looks amazing, combined with traditional and contemporary furniture and decor accessories. Artfully mixed with new design ideas and iconic furniture pieces, classic

mushroom with christmas embroidery

Handmade embroidery is a wonderful way to create charming and unique Christmas decorations and prepare very special, personal and beautiful Christmas gifts for your friends and family members. Creating handmade Christmas decorations, gift

handmade decorative pillows for home decorating

Handmade embroidery and fabric applique designs add antique feel to home decor accessories and offer beautiful decor accessories in vintage style for romantic home decorating. Handmade embroidery and fabric appliques turn ordinary chair covers and tablecloths, decorative pillows and tapestry

vintage christmas balls

Old Christmas decorations, antique ornaments, Christmas tree tops and garlands, are a great way to bring vintage style into your home for winter holiday season and save money on Christmas decorating, spending more on presents, fun and delicious food. Here are tips for unique vintage

glass christmas tree decorations with black and white photographs

Personalized Christmas tree decorations are a great idea that is surprising and delightful, making your winter holiday decor unique, interesting and unusual. Available from Etsy.com, The TinyGarden, glass Christmas balls with photographs

wood dining table and brass chandelier for dining room decorating in vintage style

Modern interior decorating of luxurious hotel in Stockholm looks pleasant, spectacular and inspiring. Beautiful modern interiors of Ett Hem hotel showcase a subtle decorating color schemes that include calming and elegant gray color and unique vintage furniture, robust wooden wall panels

vintage style wall shelves and kitchen cabinet with curtain

Vintage style if one of modern trends in decorating. Kitchen design in vintage style look familiar and pleasant, blending eclectic style with contemporary appliances, furniture and decor designed in vintage style. Kitchen decorating in vintage style include handmade decorations

white living room decorating in eclectic style

Interior decorating with vintage furniture and decorative accessories is excellent for adding eclectic style to your home or apartment ideas. Spacious and comfortable New York apartment decorating in eclectic style highlights vintage furniture pieces and gives great inspirations for blending modern

portrait and antique furniture

Interior decorating with antique portraits, wood furniture and decor in vintage style is a spiritual and creative process. Charming home interiors in vintage style, designed by Jamie Kidson, co-owner of Oakland store Atomic Garden, give great inspirations for all who have antique portrait

feathers decorations

Eclectic interior decorating is about the fusion of styles, personal touches and unique collections that make modern home decor feel intimate and interesting, exclusive and charming. If you like to collect unusual items and add your collection to eclectic decor in style, then creative ideas from

vintage furniture for storage

Modern interiors of a spacious penthouse. situated in an unusual apartment building in Madrid, look stylish and airy. Vintage furniture and salvaged wood pieces bring warmth and cosiness into white decorating. Modern interior design features an access to a charming terrace

storage furniture made with old suitcases

Recycling old suitcases for attractive vintage furniture pieces is a great idea turning stacked suitcases into beautiful displays and functional decor items in vintage style. Creative chests made from vintage suitcases by British designers Hannah Plumb & James Russell look very interesting, stylish

colorful bird decorations and table lamp

Shabby chic decorating is a relatively new interior decorating style. Shabby chic decorating style was born in Great Britain and evokes the type of decoration found in large country homes where there are worn and faded old furniture and decor accessories, paintwork and unassuming good

unique vintage furniture for home office

Modern home office decor includes a computer desk or a writing table, a chair, storage furniture, table lamp and wall decorations. Unique vintage furniture and decor accessories are important elements of modern home office design in vintage style. Here are 30 home office decor ideas

recycled crafts and jewelry storage ideas

25 diy jewelry organizers look creative and inspiring, and will help you to find the perfect storage solution for your jewelry. Recycling home fabrics and wood, everyday objects or tree branches for creating unique jewelry organizers are fun ideas. These original designs that are also functional