20 Modern Interior Decorating Ideas in Provencal Style

modern interiors, home decor ideas in provencal style

Creating Provencal style is the art of transforming interior decorating with vintage furniture, shabby chic decor, small details, easy tricks and modern accents into comfortable and stylish rooms. Simple and inexpensive interior decorating in Provencal style look impressive and inviting, emphasizing modern interior design and decor in this exclusive and charming style.


Decor4all shares great interior decorating ideas and inspirations to change and highlight your modern home interiors with shabby chic decorating centerpieces, room furniture and decor accessories in Provencal style. Expert advices and interior decorating pictures help bring the comfortable simplicity of French county home decorating, natural fabrics and chic of vintage furniture into your home.

Provencal country home decorating is gorgeous, bright and very comfortable. Modern home decor ideas, inspired by French country homes in Provence, blend practical functionality and luxurious materials, pleasant light room colors and bright accents, vintage furniture and floral designs, creating inviting and stylish rooms with unique decor and atmosphere.

French country home decorating ideas in Provencal style

Modern interiors decorating ideas in Provencal style

Modern interior decorating in Provencal style, French country home decorating for kitchens, wrought iron table, natural fabrics and flowers

Provencal style calls for open interior design and tenderness of room colors, enhanced with white decorating ideas, pastel tones, colorful accents and floral prints. French country home decorating in Provencal style is a blend of aromas of local markets, shops and French cafes, spiced up with delicious tastes and colors of Provencal food.

Houses in Provence are warm, light and cozy. Decorated with wooden doors, large windows and shutters, they invite and delight. Beautiful gardens and spectacular views enrich interior decorating in Provencal style, bringing the nature into living spaces.

home decorating ideas in provencal style
Outdoor furniture and home decorating ideas from Provence, yellow walls, lavender color painted window shutters and wooden doors, space saving outdoor furniture and flowers

Room colors look comfortable, calming and pleasant, jazzed up by bright accents in gorgeous rich color shades of lavender fields and sunny skies. Ceramic tiles, vintage stone and wood look harmonious and very attractive with blooming pots, flower beds and floral prints, adding charming details and French country home chic to Provencal interior decorating.

Cool gray and blue color palette for modern interior decorating

25 shabby chic decorating ideas and inspirations

Creating modern home decor, inspired by houses in Provence, requires understanding of unique vintage charm of French countryside. The Provence style is a fantastic mix of French country home decorating traditions, elegance and harmony that reflects the spirit of France.

Vintage furniture, flowers and natural fabrics, interior decorating in French country home decorating style

Modern home decor in Provencal style can blend cozy, simple and functional decorating ideas, handmade and natural fabrics, vintage furniture and decor accessories, rich room colors and pastel tones, inspired by lavender meadows, trees and blue sky. Practical approach and timeless elegance make modern interiors in Provencal style feel very unique, pleasant and chic.

Country home decorating style mixing modern comfort with vintage furniture and accessories

Cottage style decor and outdoor home decorating ideas to brighten up your old house

Modern home interiors, decorated in Provence style, help people to enjoy quiet, joyful and stress-free lifestyle, relax in comfort and beauty in their homes and appreciate simple things in life. The simplicity of traditional French country home decorating is a nice way to reinvent modern interior decorating ideas and beautify homes with the Provencal style.

Vintage furniture and fireplace, natural curtain fabrics, fresh flowers, wallpaper with floral prints and upholstered furniture for living room decor in Provencal style
Modern interior decorating inspired by Provencal style, living room with vintage furniture and floral curtains

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