Modern Wallpaper and Home Fabrics Inspired by Central Asian Trends in Home Decorating

modern room decorating with beautiful wallpaper and home fabrics

The Astrakhan collection of modern wallpaper and home decorating fabrics reflects many Asian cultures ancient transitions of Asian interior decorating. Brilliantly bright home fabrics with rich prints or embroidery and colorful wallpaper patterns are excellent for bringing stylish accents, vivid decorating color combinations and luxurious textures into modern room decor.


Ikat decoration patterns that are created by using a unique technique with the threads, stained just before weaving, add an exotic and exclusive feel to home decorating. Inspired by Asian interior decorating ideas that come from Astrakhan and Samarkand, these decoration patterns bring Easter luxury and and warmth into modern trends in home decorating.

Beautiful home fabrics and textiles weaved of silk, wool and cotton create chic home decor accessories adorned with colorful flowers or geometric patterns. Modern wallpaper patterns and interior decorating fabrics for Asian interior decorating offer contemporary interpretations of old traditional ethnic motifs, that come from Byzantium, Constantinople, Fergana and Kashgar.

Exotic Ikat pattern, modern interior design trends

Latest trends in decorating, Suzani textiles and bold decorative patterns

Modern wallpaper and home fabrics for colorful Asian interior decorating

Modern wallpaper and home fabrics with floral designs in rich blue color

Home fabrics, complemented with exotic flowers or intricate decoration patterns, are excellent for stylish Asian interior decorating. Vivid color combinations and ethnic decoration patterns of Central Asia are modern trends in home decorating that enhance room decor with outstanding craftsmanship and unique techniques.

Modern wallpaper patterns, inspired by ethnic home fabrics from Central Asia, bring amazing decoration patterns and stunning prints into modern home decor and enrich Asian interior decorating with new details and creative accents that new technology offers.

Colorful interior decorating with modern wallpaper patterns and floral fabrics in pink and green colors

Arabesques and muted color tones, intricate floral designs and vivid colors, geometric and contemporary prints turn walls and room furniture into works of exotic art. Woven from silky threads, exclusive and expensive textiles and home fabrics look very elegant and stylish. Silk fabrics are practical and stay attractive for years, adding majestic shiny texture to home furnishings.

Modern interior decorating with home fabrics in light pastel colors

Latest trends in home decorating fabrics for comfortable and modern interiors

Modern wallpaper and interior decorating fabrics with wide stripes and floral designs, semi transparent fabrics with beautiful flowers and geometric prints, combined with rich and pastel colors, create unique, impressive and super modern Asian interior decorating. Bright and colorful floral and geometric ornaments, as well as original designs in pastel and neutral colors, look romantic, blending exotic chic with luxury and modern ideas for home decorating.

Green colors and Central Asian decor ideas for modern interior decorating

Modern wallpaper patterns and home fabrics inspired by Asian interior decorating are not only stylish and beautiful, but versatile, suitable for any room, age and both genders. You can use these gorgeous decoration patterns for decorating the entire room, or to emphasize your favorite room furniture pieces and create an accent wall.

Creative inspirations for modern interior decorating with home fabrics and textiles

Ethnic interior decorating ideas integrating Turkish rugs into modern room decor

Using amazing contrasts of colors and textures allows to transform your room decor into very romantic, rich and stylish. By adding home fabrics with exotic decoration patterns and bright color combinations you can create fabulous and very personal modern interior decorating enriched with Asian decor elements and ethnic details.

Rich blue and purple colors for modern room decorating with exotic Asian decor feel

This collection of interior decorating ideas, modern wallpaper patterns and home fabrics, inspired by Central Asian interior decorating traditions, may inspire you to create stylish room decor with bold and unconventional designs, blending luxurious, warm and cozy textures with stylish room colors.

Modern wallpaper in neutral colors

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