Balinese Home Decor, Tropical Theme in Asian Interior Decorating

indonesian handicraft, storage boxes decorated in balinese style

Balinese home decor blends Asian interior decorating ideas with the tropical theme, inspired by colorful and exotic plants and flowers of tropical forests. Natural materials, like rustic wood, silk and cotton, gorgeous craftsman details and floral patterns create unique and charming Balinese home decor.


Bright white color is used for creating a perfect background for Balinese furniture made of dark wood and room accessories in bold colors, celebrating the tropical theme palette. Stained frames with photographs, crafts and handmade home decorations make rooms feel cozy and relaxing.

Balinese home decor ideas are about creating airy and breezy rooms with a nice view of the garden. White wall paint and light home furnishings, combined with dark wood furniture and bright floral patterns, make home interiors look more spacious.

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Natural materials and various finishes, beautiful local wood in all natural shades add unique accents to Balinese interior decorating.

Teak is one of the favorite woods in Indonesian interior decorating. Bamboo is a popular material for building, interior decorating and crafts. Bali furniture and decor accessories made of bamboo create harmony and look gorgeous with bright color accents.

carved wood decorations, indonesian handicraft

Stone and wood, rattan and paper, wicker and bamboo, clay and tile are traditional Asian interior decorating materials that are elegantly integrated into Balinese decor.

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Balinese decor color palette reflects the beauty of tropical forests and stunning exotic flowers. Bold yellow, orange and red colors, light and deep blue colors and all shades of green, combined with wooden tones and creamy white wall paint colors, create bright Balinese decor that celebrates the tropical theme.

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Off-white tones or pale saffron walls, wood flooring, and stone tiles are complemented with textured throw rugs and bamboo or sisal mats that add more interest, warmth and comfort to Balinese home decor.

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Open space and airy home interiors, breezy atmosphere and pleasant outdoor views, and lots of light and contrasting interior decorating colors are important elements of a Balinese home.

Open floor plans allow the wind breeze, light and air to flow through Balinese home interiors. Skylights and inner courtyards, terraces and large windows bring nature inside, integrating home decor with pleasant natural surroundings, a tropical forest or a garden with exotic flowers that emphasize the tropical theme in Asian interior decorating.

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