50 Fantastic Recycling Ideas, Old Sweaters for Handmade Decorative Pillows

handmade home decorations recycling

Do you know how you can recycle for crafts? Old sweaters are great for recycling and creating beautiful, soft, and warm decorative accessories. You can reuse your old wool sweaters, turning them into beautiful pillows. You can refresh your room decor by adding unique designs, attractive patterns, and natural texture. Here is the Decor4all collection of craft ideas turning old sweaters into modern decor accessories.


One way to recycle wool sweaters is by designing decorative items, like cup holders, sofa pillows, blankets, and lampshades. Making decorative pillows is the easiest way to recycle and make crafts. Sweater designs feature attractive color combinations, original details, and unique patterns. You can show them off by turning sweaters into decorative pillows.

Modern decor ideas inspired by knitting and crochet designs

Knits and handmade home decorations

Unique knitted animal heads, original wall decorations

Retro-modern home decorating, ideas to reuse and recycle

Knits and crochet designs adding a soft touch to winter decorating

Sweater pillows

colorful wool pillow
Sweater pillow with flower embroideries

Before you cut your sweater, think of how you can play around with the seams and patterns. You can plan to add unique details, like buttons, lace, flower designs, to enrich your ideas. You can take out the sleeves and make some small decor accessories with them later. Back and front pieces are great for creating new throw pillows, especially when you have covers that need to be replaced. Here is the chance for you to make colorful pillow covers out of the beautiful, warm, and soft material.

How to make a pillowcase

Choosing a sweater
sweater pillow case
Using front and back parts for a pillowcase

Handmade decorative pillows

Recycling old sweaters for pillows not only creates beautiful home accents for your modern room decor but helps design unique gifts or make money by selling handmade pillowcases. The designs are limitless. Here are a few decor ideas for sweater pillows.

Heart-shaped sweater pillow design with beautiful pink, white, red diamonds
Buttons and beads for decorating handmade sweater pillows
Beautiful knitting patterns, handmade decorative pillows with cables
Unique details on decorative pillows
Handmade pillows recycling old sweaters

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