Seagrass and Rattan Furniture, Decor Accessories, Lighting Fixtures by Palecek

rattan furniture, sustainable material

Seagrass and rattan furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures, designed by American company Palecek, showcase a creative blend of natural materials, traditional weaving techniques and modern design ideas, offering stylish, comfortable and eco friendly products and beautiful home furnishings for home.

Seagrass and rattan furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures from Palecek, are distinctive. Rattan wicker is mixed with hard wood, seagrass and abaca weaves, creating stylish collection of modern furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures that suit any interior decorating style and color palette.

Seagrass and rattan furniture and lighting fixtures look wonderful with natural home fabrics in light pastel blue colors. Home furnishings in soft gray color shades sand and cream tones compliment natural warmth and comfortable light and dark brown colors of made of hard wood, seagrass or rattan furniture, decor accessories and lighting.

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Seagrass and rattan furniture, decor and lighting fixtures

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Modern furniture and decor accessories by Palecek is knows for handcrafted rattan, bamboo and hard wood materials transformed into elegant home furnishings with comfortable cushions and stylish look.

More than 35 years ago, Allan Palecek began traveling the world seeking unique furniture design inspirations in a centuries-old tradition of basket-weaving from the indigenous peoples of Asia. Impressed with their use of quickly renewable materials, like seagrass and rattan, he returned with attractive eco friendly products for home decorating that gained immediate attention by the home decor industry.

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Skillfully woven baskets drew steady admirers, which grew into loyal customers and an expanding eco friendly home products line. Artisans started to create elegant modern furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures using natural fibers and fast-growing hardwoods, making the company, based in San Francisco, a pioneer in the industry.

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Hard wood, seagrass and rattan furniture, decor accessories, hanging lights and table lamps from Palecek are impressive artworks, making gorgeous decorative accents and enhancing home decor.

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Hanging lights and table lamps with seagrass and rattan lamp shades are a combination of bold forms and natural materials. Seagrass and rattan furniture and decor accessories are a wonderful mix of amazing natural textures, neutral and brown colors and comfortable design in eco style, that compliments and enriches modern home decor.

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