Elegant Upholstered Chairs with Black and White Stripes, Bold Accents to Room Decor

black white stripes chair upholstery

Black and white stripes look bold and bright. Classic and modern furniture with black and white lines add beautiful accents to any room decor. If you are having trouble picking colors for your room decorating or you like strong contrasts, then a chair or a sofa in black and white style is perfect for your interior design. Black and white stripes can refresh on only your room colors, but the contrasting pattern can give a new life to your old furniture also. Consider a black and white accent with stripes in your home, and you find what you love.


A chair in black and white style can look classy and contemporary. Country home decorating and room decor in the eclectic style look sophisticated with black and white accents.  Black and white color combinations go with all other hues, and it is easy to match your home decor. Also, gray color offers flexible options of soft tones to add the contrasts to your room decorating.

Modern living room sofa in black textured leather

Brooklyn home interiors decorating in the Neo-Gothic style

Elegant, subtle interior decorating in the vintage style

Upholstered chairs with black and white stripes

black and white furniture
Modern chairs, black and white stripes

Keep the room colors neutral and light when accentuating your home decor with black and white furniture items. Black and white stripes call for the perfect neutral backdrops for showing their bold designs. You can add contrasts to the walls, painting crown molding and trim black.

Modern interior decorating with striped rugs

White and blue stripes, interior decorating ideas

Striped patchwork designs in stylish room decor

Stay away from other patterns when decorating with chairs or sofas in the black and white style. The contrasting stripes look bright, creating eye-catching accents to room decorating. Your room will never look dull with furniture items in the black and white. You can add decoration patterns that are geometric, decorate your room with wall art in black and white or black and white photography pieces. For the Bohemian look, you can include animal prints in your room decor.

black and white upholstered chairs and ottoman
Striped chairs and zebra patterns, black and white furniture upholstery ideas

A couch or chair with upholstery fabrics featuring black and white stripes looks great in a living room or bedroom. Bring a few black and white decorative accessories to highlight the contrasting color combination of the strips and add interest to the room decor. Blankets, decorative pillows, curtains and wallpaper borders are excellent ideas for room decorating with striped chairs.

Combination of striped rug and chairs in black and white
Gray and creamy white pattern, striped classic chair
Asymmetric black and white stripes, traditional chairs
Combination of black and white with bright color, modern chair in turquoise blue

Original chair design

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