Felt Flowers for Decorating Wall Mirrors with Romantic Details

oval wall mirror with felt flowers

Felt flowers are great craft ideas for spring home decorating. These handmade home decorations are bright and romantic home accents. Decorating with flowers transforms home furnishings, creating unique and romantic room decor. Felt flowers turn wall mirrors into gorgeous centerpieces and help make the best of your home decor budget in a stylish and creative way.


Simple and plain wall mirrors are functional home decor accessories that lack interest and character. Made of felt fabrics flowers can add personality and a splash of color to wall mirrors, creating a romantic atmosphere and fresh feel, perfect for spring home decorating. Here is a great example and a craft idea for wall translation with felt flowers.

Wall mirrors are bright, powerful and very decorative home accents. With colorful fabric flowers, wall mirrors look spectacular, unique and exclusive. Even very cheap wall mirrors can be transformed into stunning centerpieces for interior decorating with colorful felt fabric flowers that will beautify any room decor, bringing more light and bright design into your home interiors.

Decorating wall mirrors with felt flowers

oval wall mirror with felt flowers
Oval wall mirror decorating with felt flowers in purple color

Wall mirrors creates a beautiful ambiance in your home. Romantic fabric flowers add charming and original details to wall mirrors and make a wall mirror in any shape, style or color look fabulous. Wall mirrors decorated with handmade felt fabric flowers in matching colors (or bright and neutral color combination) are stunning home accents that personalize and style your room decor.

Wall mirrors are naturally win the attention, and do not need to be expensive to lure the guests, but fabric flowers look so romantic, soft and luxurious on wall mirrors, that your will want to add them to improve your room appeal even further with creative, rich and elegant handmade home decorations.

making felt flowers
Making felt flowers for interior decorating with purple color accents

Felt fabric flowers can turn small, medium sized or large wall mirrors into artworks that make a statement and bring character into interior decorating. They will look spectacular in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways or dining rooms, creating interest and cast beautiful impressions.

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You can design wall mirrors with felt flowers in any style. Fabric flowers are great for traditional, modern and antique mirrors. Felt flowers are versatile, eco friendly and bold handmade home accents that are suitable for funky wall mirrors and classic mirror designs.

craft ideas with felt flowers

You can decorate a mirrored surface or attach felt flowers to a mirror frame. Any material, from metal to wood or plastic works well with fabric flowers, creating very original and modern home accents for spring decorating.

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