Modern Bedding Sets and Bedroom Colors, Patterns and Color Trends

bed sets and modern bedroom ideas with color trends

Modern bedding patterns and color trends bring stylish and optimistic bedroom decorating ideas, patterns and color combinations. Modern bed sets are great inspirations for making bedroom ideas more interesting and comfortable, bringing beautiful decorating themes, exciting patterns, classic or contemporary bedding fabrics, modern bedding patterns and charming vintage bed sets.


Modern bedding decor and color trends introduce bleached linen bed sets in neutral and pastel colors, colorful floral bedding sets in watercolor style and elegant black and white bedding sets. Stripes, chevrons and spirograph patterns are modern bedroom design trends that inject dynamic and optimistic mood into modern bedroom decoration.

Bright bold interior trends and 3d bedding fabrics are an easy way to refresh bedroom designs and create pleasant and modern bedroom decor. Modern bedding sets offer exciting patterns in black and white, neutral or trendy bold colors. Bedroom decor color trends include gray, black and white bed sets for neutral and elegant bedroom decorating ideas.

Plum bedding, turquoise and pink bedding sets add romantic flavor to modern bedroom decor. Navy blue, dark purple bedding and brown bed sets are comfortable and calming color trends in bedding fabrics. Beige, green and yellow bedding sets are perfect for eco style bedroom decorating ideas. Red, orange and bright yellow bedding fabrics make modern bedroom designs feel cozy and warm.

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Exotic ikat pattern, modern interior trends

Modern bedding and bedroom interior trends in bedding fabrics offer lots of patterns and their combinations, many variations of shapes and styles for creating beautiful, comfortable and interesting bedroom interiors. Modern bedding sets come in very cool shades, black and white colors, dark tones, like navy blue, dark purple and brown bedding sets. Neutral relaxing beige, green and yellow bedding sets with nature inspired patterns are perfect for comfortable and peaceful bedroom decor in eco style.

Bright red, orange and bright yellow bedding and bedroom decorating accessories, especially when combined with stripes, chevrons, polka dot bedding designs or ethnic patterns and bedroom decor accessories in rich colors, introduce exciting patterns and color trends for 2012 bedroom interiors, adding energy and character to bedroom decorating ideas with playful combinations of bed sets designs and colors.

Modern bedroom decoration, bedding patterns and color trends

Floral bedding, stripes, chevrons, spirograph and polka dot designs, playful and colorful geometric patterns or classic bedding sets in pastel solid colors, modern bedding fabrics and color trends offer various attractive bed sets to choose from for your bedroom designs.

Modern interior trends in decorative fabrics

Black and white bedroom decor, modern wallpaper

Bright bedroom decoration with modern wallpaper

Leaves and flower, geometric  designs, like circles, rings, triangles and stripes, or unique ethnic patterns in rich colors, bedroom interior trends 2012 help you pick the best modern bedding sets for your home.

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