Modern Interior Decorating with Home Fabrics in Light Pastel Colors


modern home fabrics in pastel colors, furniture upholstery, curtains, bedding, cushions

Interior decorating with home fabrics in pastel colors creates relaxing and romantic mood, add stylish accents to room colors and transform home interiors into peaceful retreats. Home furniture upholstery fabrics and home fabrics selected for window curtains, lamp shades, cushions, bedding and throw blankets are very important element of room decor.


The color combinations and decoration patterns change interior decorating dramatically, adding masculine energy or feminine tenderness to room decor. Pastel colors are one of modern trends in decorating. All pastel colors, pink and light purple color tones, and especially pastel blue and green color tones add stylish details to modern interior decorating and create soft and pleasant room decor.

If you mix a few room furniture pieces made of oak, pine, walnut and mahogany wood, these ideas will not very well for your interior. When you select home fabrics, avoid mixing textures and colors that do not work well together. If your home fabrics and textiles, – drapes, floor rugs, upholstery fabrics, lamp shades and cushions, – all beautifully match, and you  room colors and designs are appropriately chosen to the type of furniture you have, then your interior decorating look fabulous and harmonious.


Home fabrics in pastel colors for modern interior decorating

Modern home fabrics in pastel blue and lilac purple colors

Pastel colors are now back, making beautiful trends in home decorating. Pastel room colors are versatile and suitable for any interior decorating style and any room. Modern interior decorating for kids and teens, adults and seniors look pleasant, soft and inviting.

Pastel colored home fabrics are stylish and elegant. Very attractive, decorating fabrics in pastel colors, give great inspirations for creating sophisticated interior decorating color schemes that you can use for your interior paints and wallpapers.

Pastel green colors, combined with bright orange and deep purple colors

Vintage style and modern home fabrics in pastel colors are a favorite choice among designers who appreciate soft and tender female room decor that blends elegance and chic with tranquility.

Colorful home fabrics and modern home decor ideas

Beautiful furniture upholstery fabric prints, modern vintage furniture

Drapes, floor rugs, upholstery fabrics, lamp shades and cushions in pastel colors look classy. Pink and light purple, yellow, blue and green color tones are fabulous choices for your interior decorating.

Living room furniture upholstery fabric in pastel yellowish-green color, modern interior decorating with creamy white accents

Here is a collection of a few beautiful, quiet and relaxing interior decorating ideas with light pastel colors. Check them out and get inspired by these gorgeous tones and decoration patterns. Still the look and create sexy bedroom or attractive living room in pastel colors.

Vintage furniture upholstery fabrics and furniture painting ideas

Creative inspirations for modern interior decorating with home fabrics and textiles

Home fabrics in subdued shades feel cool and breezy. Wonderful when teamed up with darker pastel tones, neutral colors or bright color shades, light pastel colors make modern interior decorating look charming. Pastel colors give your room decor a unique look and turn rooms into very personal and intimate.

Pastel green color and deep orange color scheme for modern interior decorating

Modern home fabrics in pastel color combinations, from pale yellow and pale pink, or lavender and pale pink tones, to light pastel blue and green color tones look amazing.

Modern bedroom decorating with bedding fabrics for ultimate comfort

Latest trends in decorating, Susani textiles and bold decorative patterns

All decorations patterns, from stripes and floral designs to ethnic motifs and abstract shapes appear interesting and elegant in pastel colors, adding more interest to interior decorating with classy vibe.

Living room design with upholstered furniture, modern interior decorating with home fabrics in creamy white and pastel blue colors
Living room furniture upholstery fabric in light pastel purple color, modern interior decorating with light purple and soft white accents
Deep brown and light pastel blue colors for modern furniture upholstery
Interior decorating with neutral colors and light pastel green color tones

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