Modern Interior Design with French Chic, Exquisite Room Decorating Ideas

bright colors for living room design

Modern interior design ideas that show off French chic and charm come from two artists Miriam  and Dominique. Their room decorating ideas look impressive and beautiful. Creative interior design, bright color palette and unique ideas impress with appealing excellence, as a rare blooming flower, that amazes with its unique texture, petal shapes and aroma.


Unusual and fine room decorating ideas create comfortable, cheerful and elegantly casual atmosphere for two French artists and their kids. Bright interior decorating color palette, that includes light and dark purple, green, blue and red colors, combined with various neutral shades and classy gray tones, antique furniture collection and exclusive room decor accessories blend light and color, fresh breeze and old traditions into modern interior design.

Artistic and impressive room decorating ideas create modern home interiors that look like contemporary art works, encouraging kids to be creative and inspiring adults to experiment. French way of adding color to room decorating and working with available space gives great decorating ideas for any room and offers boundless opportunities to create personal and stylish interior design and decor in our homes.

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Charming French interior decorating style, that the couple enjoys, make modern home interiors look spacious and balanced.

Every room decor accessory and furniture item, casual or antique, perfectly matches the interior decorating color palette with light and dark purple, green, blue and red colors, neutral shades and classy gray tones, and add more beauty to room decor, emphasizing artful and creative modern interior design.

Bright interior decorating color palette that includes bright red color accents and many neutral shades, including classy gray tones and beige-brown colors, and colorful room decor accessories are one of the most striking features of this interior design and decorating project.

All creative, energetic and positive people will enjoy looking at dynamic and optimistic living room decorating ideas and relaxing bathroom and bedroom decor, created by talented artists and published in Marie Claire Maison.

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Old house, built in 1835, has high ceilings and large windows. Lots of fresh air and bright light, creative ideas and the French trompe-l’œi, that creates an optical 3d illusions, thoughtful color design ideas and practical approach to interior design create beautiful modern home interiors with an amazing affect when flat objects look three-dimensional.

Antique French and Scandinavian furniture items and room decor accessories, bright cushions and furniture upholstery fabric in light and dark purple, green, blue and red colors, floral designs and modern wallpaper for hallway and rooms from Deborah Bownessare, colorful stripes and nature inspired home decorations are combined to create chic French interior decorating design that is comfortable and exquisite.

Modern home interiors are decorated with a number of art works, cute small things and room decor accessories that create unique French chic and add charming flavor to dynamic, colorful and attractive modern interior design.

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