Modern Interior Design Trends Inspired by Patchwork Fabric

modern wall decor ideas with patchwork wallpaper pattern

Patchwork fabric patterns inspire modern interior design trends that bring color and creative ideas into modern  room decorating. Wall decor ideas that look like patchwork fabric and furniture upholstery, window curtains and decorative pillows, floor rugs and small room decor accessories are wonderful ways to add timeless patchwork fabric patterns into modern interior design.


Elegant and relaxing or playful and energetic, attractive patchwork fabric patterns are modern interior design trends for 2012 that add diverse textures and pretty colors to interior decorating ideas. Patchwork fabric patterns, used for modern wall decor and creating bright furniture upholstery, window curtains, decorative pillows and floor rugs, add charm to room decorating that people have admired for many centuries.

Modern interior design trends bring patchwork fabric patterns into all home interiors, creating beautiful interior decorating ideas for different styles. Modern wall painting ideas and beautiful wallpapers with patchwork fabric designs, traditional blankets or bedspreads, colorful furniture upholstery fabrics, window curtains, decorative pillows and floor rugs add chic flavor to home interiors.

Modern interior design trends

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Designer Lisa Uotmauf, who worked with old furniture, developed an exciting collection of patchwork furniture upholstery fabrics in bright colors, giving a fresh start to modern interior design trends, inspired by patchwork fabric patterns. Old furniture patchwork, that was a good business some time ago, inspired modern interior design trends that reflect old traditions.

Patchwork interior design ideas

Patchwork fabric patterns look great in any room. One of the patches perfectly matches interior design color scheme and existing room decorating style.  Another patch attractively blends with the pattern, selected for furniture upholstery fabric, window curtains, decorative pillows, floor rugs and small room decor accessories. The third patch brings similar texture, analogous or complimentary colors into interior decorating, accentuating the simplicity and beauty of charming patchwork fabric patterns.

Stylish  and unusua patchwork wall decor ideas work well with traditional interior decorating, using patchwork fabric for furniture upholstery, window curtains, decorative pillows, floor rugs, blankets and crafty tapestry wall hangings.

Trendy patchwork wallpaper designs and creative wall painting ideas in patchwork fabric style, wall decoration with different tiles and accent wall design with a patchwork pattern, using decorative wall panels and creating patchwork wall decor with frames are just a few modern interior design trends that celebrate patchwork fabric style.

Creating patchwork wall decor with modern wallpaper pieces and decorating furniture, mirror or picture frames with small wallpaper pieces in patchwork fabric style create unique home interiors that surprise and delight.

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All these interior decorating ideas, no matter which one is chosen, can dramatically change your room decor, bringing your favorite colors and textures into your rooms, creating more personal interior decor and adding more fun and interest to your home interior design.

  Posted: 01.10.2011 by Decor4all