10 Room Decorating Ideas to Add Chic of Modern Art Deco Style

beautiful room decor in art deco style

Modern room decorating ideas, that add Art Deco Style chic to classic or traditional apartment decor, transform home interiors into impressive and comfortable rooms, decorated with simplicity, inspired by elegant and functional minimalist style and classic room decor accessories, that make interior decorating design feel cosier, gentler and warmer.


The transformation from ordinary or minimalist style room decorating ideas to luxurious and expensive home interiors with beautiful furnishings is simple and requires only good taste and the sense of style. Room decorating ideas and tips from experts for selecting right textures, interior decorating color schemes and designs can turn lacking any interest home interiors into bright, personal, comfortable and beautiful rooms, decorated with modern Art Deco style chic.

The Art Deco decorating style creates unique and impressive home interiors with striking art pieces and pleasant contrasts. Art Deco decorating style uses unusual interior decorating and design ideas, stylish decorative materials, unique home decorations and elegant decorating color schemes for creating exclusive interior decorating design for those people who appreciate the beauty and creativity.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco decorating styles

Art Nouveau home decoration ideas with Indonesian handicrafts

Minimalist Art Deco home decorating ideas

Modern bathrooms in Art Deco style

Modern apartment decorating ideas include designing three zones: private with the master bedroom, bathroom and home office, kids zone with children bedrooms, studing and playing areas, and comfortable, functional and very decorative entryway, kitchen, dining room and living room zone.

In this space, where the tenor of this family is the most important part of life – is a public area, which starts immediately after the entrance area. This is a planning unit chief apartment – the central “square”, the most lively and elegant place in the house. Public area, as is customary in modern architecture “code”, includes several scenarios of family and guest entertainment.

Modern Art Deco home decorating ideas

1. Velvet furniture upholstery fabrics for entryway ottomans and dining room chairs look luxurious and inviting.

2. Unique furniture design and unusual details look elegant and expensive. Round table, made of solid wood and dining room chairs are examples of good quality wooden furniture that create warm atmosphere and add chic accents to modern interior decorating in Art Deco style.

3. Mirrored surfaces and entryway furniture, wonderful and bright hall lights, elegant furniture upholstery fabrics, dark wood and almost neutral interior decorating color schemes create strong visual effect, emphasizing exclusive Art Deco home decorating ideas.

Mirror wall stickers for room decorating

4. A large bay window in the living room and a piano, unique chandelier design and crafty room decor accessories add personality and charm to gorgeous apartment decorating, emphasizing Art Deco style.

5. Elegant simplicity and stylish interior decorating color scheme, that include soft cream, peach, golden and  reddish-purple color tones, complimented by light and dark brown colors, bring comfort and chic to modern interior decorating design.

6. Contemporary bathroom furniture, stylish white cream wallpaper with golden pattern and unique bathtub design celebrate Art Deco decorating ideas, creating bright and luxurious, warm and soft room decor.

7. Mixing classic interior decorating and design ideas with contemporary, exclusive and expensive decorative materials, designer room decor accessories and luxurious furniture upholstery fabrics, create relaxing, functional and comfortable home decorating ideas with modern Art Deco style flavor.

Modern fusion interior design style, beautiful room decorating ideas

Fusion of contemporary minimalist and classic home decorating styles

8. Adding wooden wall and ceiling decorative details, columns and other design elements of classic style, gives home interiors a grand, imposing appearance.

9. Mixing classic and Art Deco style elements with Venetian mirrored tables, modern chandeliers in new Baroque style, antique silver candle holders and table lampshades, inspired by 1960s designs, make home interiors feel inviting and beautiful.

Retro bathroom decorating in 1950-60s style

Contemporary bathroom decorating ideas in purple-pink colors

10. White paint and light fabrics, metallic and silver colors, crystals and glass room decor accessories reflect more light from windows into home interiors, creating bright and airy rooms with stylish purple color tones and wooden furniture in dark brown colors.

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