Santa Themed Decor Ideas for Christmas

christmas decor white red colors

Santa themed decor is bright, festive, and humorous. Santa decorations, chair covers, decorative pillows with Santa images, stockings, Christmas wreaths, gift bags, and original wall decorations make fun accents whether your outdoor Christmas decoration or interior decorating ideas include brightly colored ball ornaments and green garlands. Your home can look charming and fun when you add Santa decor ideas to other traditional holiday decorations.


Santa decorations come in numerous designs, materials, sizes, and colors. Show off your creativity by bringing a part of the North Pole to your home with Santa images on stockings, pillows, chair covers, napkins, window decorations, gifts, and Christmas tree ornaments. Make crafts also to personalize your holiday decorations.

Classic Christmas decor theme, white and red colors

Wood Christmas decorations

35 Christmas garlands, beautiful fireplace decorating ideas

Santa -themed decorations

Santa in a Sock, Christmas decorations, unique gifts

Santa accents are a fast and fun way to add a beautiful, cheerful, playful look to your holiday decor. Surprise your family and guest with handmade Christmas decorations and Santa crafts, Gift them the fun gifts that brighten up the winter holidays. Your Christmas will be festive and enjoyable with these bright decorations in white and red colors.

Modern Christmas trends, pink colors

Easy handmade Christmas decorations

Miniature Christmas trees

See what you can make or buy for additional Christmas decorating. Modern Santa themed decor ideas may surprise, amuse, delight, and inspire.

Santa chair covers

Christmas chair covers

Santa table decorations

Santa bottle decoration

Santa figurines

Wood slice decorations, snowflakes, lanterns, Santa figurine

Christmas tree decorations

Santa-themed decorations, Christmas tree ornaments

Santa crafts

Santa-themed craft ideas

Vintage decor, Santa ornaments

Vintage decor, Santa ornament

Pinecone decorations

Pinecone Santa, eco-friendly Christmas tree decoration

Christmas crafts

Crochet designs
Paper crafts, Christmas decorations

Santa gift bags

Gift bags with Santa images

Santa pillows

Christmas pillows

Santa-themed decor for walls

Santa wreath
Santa wall decorations

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