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interior design ideas in eclectic style with classic furniture and room colors

Classic style brings luxury and ultimate comfort into modern interior design, blending pleasant, neutral colors with bright artworks, romantic, classic details, and contemporary appliances into striking home interiors in eclectic style. Decor4all presents these beautiful, elegant, and modern interior design ideas developed by two designers A.Sahno…

Small apartment ideas that blend classic home furnishings and patriotic decoration colors turn rooms into creative living spaces with a luxurious and almost royal feel. Russian designers from Simultin Design studio, www.simutin-design.com/ completed this interesting interior decorating project, turning a small apartment into bright contemporary living…

Modern decorating small apartments and homes with bright room colors can dramatically transform living spaces. Bright room colors, combined with light yellow and white decorating ideas, turn a home into an oasis, filling rooms with energy and romantic charm. This 33 sq m apartment shows off…

Interior decorating in Modern style feel exclusive and nostalgic. Creative apartment decorating ideas that blend modernism with contemporary comfort is a gorgeous work by Flat Interiors, an architectural studio in Moscow. Beautiful rooms with a familiar and elegant look feature vintage furniture

Beautiful apartment ideas blend modern home furnishings in classic style with exclusive and spectacular Art Deco decor accents, creating elegant and functional rooms for adults and children. The fusion of styles and luxurious apartment ideas transformed this old flat in Kiev, Ukraine into

Take a look at these beautiful and airy apartment decorating ideas in Swedish style. Scandinavian interior decorating is light and functional. Scandinavian homes with spacious rooms, tall windows and bright interior decorating look inviting and pleasant. White

Creative and colorful apartment ideas from Ukrainian architects give unique personality to modern interior design and decorating, creating bright and comfortable living spaces with an artistic and exotic flavors. Cheerful color combinations and bold contrasts turn these modern interiors

White decorating with yellow color accents and space saving contemporary apartment ideas from German architect Gerd StrengĀ  are sunny, comfortable and optimistic. Stair Case Study House 01 design is a concept of modern house that celebrates strong color contrasts created

Apartment ideas from European interior decorator Marina Putilovskaya are inspired by bright personality of her customer. Sumptuous interior decorating ideas are perfect for a successful, energetic and elegant woman who successfully balances her professional career and active

Traditional home decor is about comfort with some functional luxury. The classic style add elegance and chic to modern interior design, creating beautiful home interiors that feel inviting, warm and pleasant. This large apartment decorating in Moscow demonstrate gorgeous classic style

Contemporary apartment ideas from young Russian architect A. Nikolashin, look dynamic and spacious, stylish and creative. Inspired by the charming beach pebbles, he brings the nature inside, adding the natural beauty of beach pebbles, green plants and wood to modern interior design

Silver, black and lavender color combination, the blend of modern interior decorating ideas with glamorous and chic touch create tender and soft decorating color palette and luxurious room decor for this small apartment, offering a beautiful, stylish and comfortable home for a romantic

Black and white decorating color palette, combined with stylish and simple modern furniture and lighting fixtures, create sophisticated contemporary home interiors that provide beautiful and comfortable rooms for rest and relaxation. Red color accents bring energy and add more interest to modern

Contemporary apartment ideas from Carr Design Group are elegant and simple. Contemporary interior decor style offers flowing interior design, neutral decorating colors, that include black, white, gray and cream tones, combined with striking bright accents that make contemporary interior

Small apartment decorating ideas for a single woman look charming, comfortable and stylish. Beautiful apartment ideas create peaceful and cozy small rooms for a romantic lady which likes functional chic. Gorgeous room decorating colors and luxurious textures add romantic flavor to small rooms