22 Bamboo Home Decoraitng Ideas in Eco Style

bamboo home decorating ideas and eco friendly products for interior design

Bamboo home decorating ideas are traditional for Asian interior design. First used in China about 5,000 years ago, bamboo plant provides an excellent building and interior decorating material, ideal for modern eco style. Bamboo furniture and decor accessories, modern wall coverings and bamboo flooring ideas look beautiful, adding pleasant wood colors and unique bamboo texture to interior decorating and outdoor rooms.


Bamboo furniture and bamboo flooring materials are as strong and durable as wood furniture and wooden floors. Bamboo plant is a fast growing and durable alternative to wood. While a new tree can take decades to grow, bamboo plant grows back in 8 years. Modern bamboo furniture and decor accessories, wall coverings and bamboo floor materials are resistant to moisture and insects. The natural color of bamboo plant is light, perfect for visually spacious and airy interior decorating.

Bamboo wallpaper and wall coverings, bamboo flooring ideas and many other natural bamboo products are modern trends in home decorating. Bamboo flooring ideas are popular alternatives to wooden floors. Bamboo flooring is lightweight, and it can be stronger than some types of traditional hardwood. Bamboo flooring materials are cheaperĀ  than hardwood floors. However, bamboo flooring materials can be made with harmful glues, which turn these eco friendly products into dangerous to people’s health and the environment.

Modern home decorating ideas and eco friendly products made of bamboo plant

Bamboo wall coverings, green ideas for interior decorating in eco style

Modern bamboo products, decorating materials and fabrics are better that inorganic cotton, polyester and man-made materials. Using bamboo rugs is a great way to bring the natural look into your home decorating. Bamboo rugs can be used indoors and outdoors adding a warm, rustic ambiance to interior decorating and outdoor living spaces. Bamboo rugs are durable and can be used for decorating high traffic areas.

Bamboo furniture and decor accessories are functional, weather resistant and attractive outdoor home decor ideas. Bamboo furniture and decor accessories for interior decorating, – chairs, beds, bamboo cabinets and shelves, lighting fixtures and wall art works, are great for adding beautiful and natural designs to your home decor in eco style.

Bamboo furniture and decor accessories

Bamboo shades and window blinds transform your interior design with gorgeous colors and unique texture. Bamboo window coverings are a wonderful alternative to plastic and synthetic window blinds and shades. Stylish and functional bamboo shades and window blinds give a room an instant face-lift enhancing your interior decorating in eco style.

Best window curtain fabrics for cool eco friendly summer home decorating

Modern home fabrics and textiles for functional interior decorating

Modern wall decoration with ethnic wicker plates, bowls and baskets

Bamboo home fabrics and textiles are versatile, beautiful and stylish options for interior decorating. The natural bamboo fibers can be spun into yarn and create beautiful home fabrics for bed sheets, bamboo curtains, home fabrics, bamboo towels and sets of tablecloth with napkins. A bamboo home fabric is inexpensive and organic, perfect for interior decorating ideas in eco style.

Modern interior decorating ideas and eco friendly products for homes

Bamboo products are stylish, practical, inexpensive, durable and eco friendly products for modern homes. Bamboo wall coverings and flooring ideas, bamboo furniture and decor accessories can be easily incorporated into any interior decorating creating lighter and healthy home decor.

Modern interior design and home decor in eco style

Jute interior decorating ideas creating a natural feel and a eco style look

Modern wallpaper patterns, trees and branches

Small decor accessories, from wall art works to clothes hangers and floor mats are excellent eco friendly home products that are made of this renewable plant. Bamboo interior decorating ideas are affordable and stylish, practical and easy ways to add green ideas to your home decor.

Bamboo flooring ideas
Modern interior decorating with bamboo accessories
Modern wall coverings made of bamboo

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