Modern Home Fabrics and Textiles for Functional Interior Decorating

modern home fabrics and textiles in bright colors

Modern home fabrics and textiles are an integral part of any interior decorating project. Decorative fabrics and textiles can define interior design style and change the mood in a room, bringing unique textures, colors, ethnic motifs or classic decoration patterns into interior decorating. Furniture upholstery fabrics, curtains, tablecloths and napkins, decorative cushions, floor rugs, blankets, furniture covers and lamp shades are nice ways to add softness and coziness of decorative fabrics and textiles to your interior decorating ideas.


High quality home fabrics and textiles are functional are not only beautiful, but functional and appealing, reflecting trends in decorating and fashion and bringing the best fibers into modern interior decor. Furniture upholstery fabrics in light colors and pastel tones, combined with tender decoration patterns and romantic fabric prints create beautiful and bright interior decorating ideas and add style to rooms.

Modern trends in decorating with home fabrics and textiles bring neutral color shades, like beige and off whites into interior decorating and add calm combination of room colors to modern furnishings in any style. Decorative fabrics and textiles in pleasant and soothing color shades are bright and relaxing interior decorating ideas that create harmony with interesting home furnishings and unique decorative accents or patterns used in room decor.

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Modern home fabrics and textiles

white and beuge bedding fabrics
White and beige bedding fabrics for modern interior decorating

Modern home fabrics and textiles define the atmosphere of residential interior decorating by adding window  curtains, draperies, blankets, furniture upholstery, decorative pillows, table mats, sofa, armchair and dining chair covers, floor rugs, carpets and fabric lamp shades. Type of a fabric, color, pattern and weaving method determine the quality and beauty of decorative fabrics. Using decorative fabrics is a great way to transfprm a room and add fresh elements that reflect seasonable interior decorating ideas.

Cotton, linen, silk, wool and beef are natural decorative fabrics that are perfect for eco interior decorating.  Synthetic home fabrics and textiles fibers are ideal for easy maintenance and durability. Blending the functionality and decorative purposes creates comfortable and attractive interior decorating ideas with various modern home fabrics and materials.

modern home fabrics and textiles in bright colors
Modern decorative fabrics and textiles in bright colors

Decorative fabrics, – furniture upholstery fabrics, curtains, tablecloths and napkins, decorative cushions, floor rugs, blankets, furniture covers and lamp shades, have not only a decorative role, but add functionality and comfort to interior decorating.

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The functional role of decorative fabrics influences the selection. Decorative fabrics and textiles, which appear as chair or furniture covers, decorative cushions and floor rugs, bedding fabrics and towels are in direct contact with skin, and these home fabrics should be pleasant to touch and add soft textures to interior decorating.

decorative fabrics in green colors
Decorative fabrics in white and green colors
Modern furniture upholstery fabrics in blue colors

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