25 Modern Storage Ideas, Adding Interest to Room Decor, Creative Furniture and Accessories

modern storage solutions and space saving interior decorating ideas

Modern storage ideas are not only functional but very decorative. Creative room furniture, decor accessories, and home organizers improve room design and add interest to modern interiors. Unique furniture decoration ideas, original details, items in vintage style and smart, space-saving solutions organize and beautify living spaces while creating convenient and attractive storage.


Getting rid of clutter and organizing attractive storage make home interiors look organized, neat, light and spacious. Creative and space saving solutions, blended with eye-catching accents, unique details, and vibrant colors work well for designing beautiful storage and organization.

Decor4all collection of storage furniture, accessories and home organizers shows how to spruce up interior decorating with bright and creative items while adding style and playful vibe to storage organization.

DIY upholstered storage boxes, recycled crafts personalizing room decor

Shark felt basket, original storage solution

Modern storage ideas

Open kitchen shelves and cabinets, modern kitchen storage solutions

Smart, creative and space saving storage ideas make decorating small apartments and homes more appealing and stylish. Start with getting rid of clutter and organization, decide how many items you need to keep, and add creative accents to storage spaces.

Original home accessories adding interest to simple storage ideas

Modern interior decorating with open wall shelves

Use the space that is usually empty, – under the ceiling, beds, coffee tables. Maximize your storage and add creative details to storage organization. Cute hooks, attractive wall shelves or handmade totes created with felt fabrics in colors that match your interior decorating are beautiful ideas that are functional and modern.

Creative shelving units, modern storage furniture, and light room colors

Metal boxes in vintage style or simple wooden boxes, original furniture decoration with paint, wallpaper or stencils, glass jars and handmade baskets are beautiful storage ideas that give character to your room decor and personalize your creative interior decorating.

40 hand bag storage solutions and home organizers for small spaces

DIY storage solutions for kids rooms

Add contemporary home organizers or handmade decorations, playful and humorous accents, and bright color details or unique texture to storage ideas. Unusual ideas can give a nice touch to any ordinary items and turn them into original, stylish, and unique home decorations.

Space saving storage ideas, coffee table with shelf

Space saving storage furniture

Bedroom decorating and storage ideas, wicker trunks

Furniture decoration ideas

Creative storage furniture decoration ideas

Colorful storage furniture design

Modern wall shelves in bright red color
Original wall shelves design

Modern accessories and home organizers

Firewood organizer, creative wall shelf
Playful hooks
Lovely jewelry organizer


  Posted: 08.09.2017 by Decor4all