26 Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas in Vintage Style

vintage style wall shelves and kitchen cabinet with curtain

Vintage style if one of modern trends in decorating. Kitchen design in vintage style look familiar and pleasant, blending eclectic style with contemporary appliances, furniture and decor designed in vintage style. Kitchen decorating in vintage style include handmade decorations and crafts, furniture and decor accessories in vintage style, old signs, plates, glass bottles, metal boxes and other lovely antique pieces.


Modern kitchen decor in vintage style is about a statement of a unique piece acquired at a market, or a family heirloom restored with a fresh coat of paint. Modern kitchen decor in vintage style is an affordable choice that anyone can replicate in their home.

Modern kitchen decor in vintage style can save your money on interior design. YOu do not need to spend a fortune to create an amazing kitchen design that is stylish, comfortable and function, when you choose charming ideas for kitchen decorating in vintage style.

White decorating ideas, modern kitchen decor in timeless style

Caps for cups, handmade kitchen accessories and table decorations

Modern kitchen decor ideas in vintage style

blue and white kitchen decorating ideas in vintage style
Blue and white kitchen decorating ideas and lighting fixtures in vintage style

Modern kitchen decor in vintage style is perfect for old homes and apartments. Designed in classic style with contemporary appliances that look antique, handmade decorations and crafts, vintage furniture and decor accessories, like old signs, plates, glass bottles, metal boxes and antique lighting, vintage kitchen decor organically blends modern comfort with charming feel of old times.

Vintage kitchen cabinets look great, giving new life to old kitchen furniture. Staining wood and  distressing add a gorgeous look of vintage furniture to old wood kitchen cabinets, dramatically transforming kitchen decor.

colorful curtain for vintage kitchen sink
Bright kitchen decorating colors, open storage shelves and vintage kitchen sink with colorful curtain

White paint and bold colors like yellow, blue and jadeite green with checkerboard floors and vivid patterns are parts of vintage kitchen decor.  Painted cabinets, glass knobs and vintage linens help create a unique look of a retro kitchen design.

Table decorations, charming table decoration with fabric

Tuscan kitchens, inviting Tuscan kitchen decor

white kitchen cabinet with shelves fir dishes
Open kitchen storage shelves for dishes, vintage style kitchen decor

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