White Decorating Ideas, Modern Kitchen Decor in Timeless Style

white kitchen cabinets

White decorating ideas are timeless, bright and elegant. White paint creates the perfect background for light kitchen decorating with colorful accents. White decorating ideas work well with any other color, creating sophisticated contrasts with black, tender color combinations with pastel colors and energetic interior decorating with bright color tones.


White kitchen decor create the interior that is easier to keep clean and healthy. Dust and dirt is more visible on white and light surfaces, encouraging to keep kitchen interiors fresh, clean and pleasant.

White decorating for modern kitchens comes from the Victorian period, when homeowners and families began to spend more time in the kitchen. Ceramic tiles for wall decoration and kitchen sinks that were available at that time look gorgeous with white china and milky white paint colors.

Black and white decorating ideas, old house interiors makeover

Scandinavian house, white decorating ideas

white kitchen cabinetsWhite paint for walls, white kitchen cabinets, white and blue accessories, planter, floor rug and towels for small kitchen decorating

White kitchen cabinets and wall paint look great with contemporary stainless steel appliances, shelves and lighting fixtures, creating spacious and bright modern kitchen decor.

Black and white decorating ideas, like floor tiles, picture frames, furniture and upholstery fabrics add sophistication, elegance and balance to modern kitchen decor.

white kitchen cabinets and shelvesWhite kitchen cabinets and shelves for storage, black and white floor tiles, white and blue decorating fabric for dining room and kitchen decor

White decorating with black, gray and blue color accents are a stylish, elegant, attractive and always modern choice for small kitchen decor.

Green paint and kitchen accessories, small kitchen decorating ideas

Yellow and turquooise color combination for small kitchen decor

White decorating ideas and various white paint colors work well for small kitchen decor because it is light and bright,  fresh and exciting, stretching the space and making it look airier and more spacious.

white paint for kitchen wall decorationWhite paint, blue accessories, black and white floor tiles, small kitchen decorating ideas to stretch the space

Open space that small kitchen and dining room create, a large window with light kitchen curtains or a glass door, that leads to a balcony, terrace or a deck, bring more light inside, creating pleasant and bright, comfortable and modern kitchen decor.

Black and white rooms with splashes of red color

Contemporary homes, interior decorating in white

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