50 Reindeer Decorations, Let Reindeer Take Over and Add Fun to Christmas Decor

reindeer gift bag

Reindeer is a beautiful Christmas theme bringing a symbol of this winter holiday. Santa Claus’s legend spread around the globe, and the wonderful animals carried him around it. The reindeer theme is perfect for Christmas decorating that reaches the hearts with creative, playful, beautiful Christmas decorations. Present bags, Christmas tree ornaments, or Santa’s ride cards display the jolly old theme. You can match the charming spirit of that delightful Christmas idea by dreaming up some handmade Christmas decorations.


The adorable antlers, deer embroidery designs, pillows, and wall decorations combine a delightful graphic with your creativity and style. All-white deer or images in brown colors add a delicate, meaningful touch to Christmas decorating. Deer bring attention to your featured items, table centerpieces, and Christmas tree decorations. Reindeer create an instant keepsake for all viewers.

Felt crafts, handmade Christmas decorations

Classic Christmas decor theme, red and white colors

Winter decorating ideas inviting deer into holiday homes

Deer Christmas decor theme

christmas ball deer
Handmade Christmas decorations, deer ball

The Rosy Reindeer Christmas Card is aptly named. A cheerful reindeer stands beside a holiday tree decorated in lovely seasonal colors. His friendly gaze leads viewers right to your photo. Select a portrait of the whole family decorating your tree and share the happy spirit of this special time of year.

Silhouette appliques, handmade home decorations

Winter-themed decor ideas, decorative pillows

Paper crafts for window decorating, fun Christmas ideas

You can experiment with your favorite colors. Red reindeer look vibrant and festive. Red Christmas color doubles the joy of the winter holiday season. Complete the design with unique details creating gorgeous, handmade Christmas decorations and gifts.

woodcrafts christmas ornaments
Wooden Christmas tree decorations

The refined reindeer are elegant holiday table centerpieces featuring symbolic images, perfect for Christmas decorating. Let Santa’s reindeer create the ideal winter holiday atmosphere in your home this year. Whether you select handmade Christmas decorations, refined designs, or graphics, all of them are great. So let the reindeer fly throughout your rooms and deliver holiday wishes.

paper applique reindeer
Decorating paper glasses with reindeer images, bright Christmas ideas

Christmas balls with antlers, wood pin deer, paper crafts, appliques, embroidery designs, painting deer on walls or fabrics are just a few super fun Christmas ideas. You can transform glass jars and coffee mugs into one-of-a-kind gifts and Christmas decorations. Rustic designs with salvaged wood or polished metal figures adorned with string lights are perfect, fun Christmas decor ideas.

Embroidery designs, deer ornaments
Christmas ideas, reindeer gift bags
Recycling plastic for handmade Christmas decorations, winter forest scene
Handmade Christmas decorations, pine cone reindeer
Paper, craft ideas
Painting ideas for Christmas windows
Christmas table centerpieces, silver reindeer

Christmas table centerpieces, silver reindeer

Painting ideas for glass decorating, reindeer Christmas theme
Merry Christmas from Santa and reindeer

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