Ethnic Interior Decorating Ideas Mixing Neutral Colors with Exotic Accents

Living room furnishings, neutral color combination and ethnic interior decorating ideas

Ethnic interior decorating ideas give wonderful inspirations for designing unique rooms. The Serenity interior decorating trend brings exotic accents into spring and summer homes and blends them with comfortable furniture, natural home fabrics, exotic accessories, handmade home decorations and neutral colors. Perfect for modern bedroom decor, the oriental interior decorating ideas can be used for living room designs or outdoor rooms also.


Neutral color combinations and natural fabrics are versatile, pleasant and comfortable, add tranquility and coziness to room decor and create gorgeous places to relax, meditate and rejuvenate. The Serenity trend is inspired by oriental interior decorating which is functional and spectacular. India is a country famous for its abundance of diversity, culture and vibrant decorating style. Blending amazing decorative accessories in Indian style with a neutral color combination allows to create a new look of serenity and luxurious comfort in your spring and summer home.

A few exotic accessories and home decorations can transform your room decor adding an ethnic interior feel and creating a fresh, inspiring and unique look. Indian bedding and throws, decorative pillows and carved wood furniture, unique mandala mirrors and Buddha statues, combined with candles and a peaceful atmosphere create a spectacular and stylish ethnic interior, a true retreat from your busy everyday life.

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Oriental interior decorating ideas inspired by Indian home decor

neutral color combination and ethnic interior decorating ideas
Living room furnishings, neutral color combination and ethnic interior decor

Zen interior decorating ideas, the elegant simplicity and neutral colors are blended into quiet and calming rooms, offering wonderful ideas for spring or summer decorating which creates a new look and mysteriously exotic room decor with oriental accents.

The amazing atmosphere of serenity is a great element of oriental interior decorating. Quiet room decor with pleasant and exquisite details helps to think of the important things in life. The symbol of wisdom and meditation, Buddha statues are very special and meaningful home decorations, that can be highlighted with candles for creating tranquil and calming environment in bedrooms or outdoor rooms.

Bedroom decorating in Indian style, neutral colors and ethnic interior decor
Ethnic interior decorating accessories

Indian tapestry and paintings with symbolic images increase the effect, adding ethnic interior chic and charm to your living room or bedroom decor in spring and summer. The oriental interior decorating trend is about quiet, calming and light neutral colors, warm glow of candles and comfortable home fabrics. Neutral beige, white cream and light gray color shades feel natural and airy, adding timeless elegance to ethnic interior decor ideas.

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By removing the excessive diversity of Indian style and avoiding bright ethnic interior color schemes, you can create luxurious and spectacular room decor with a feel of an ethnic interior and a sophisticated modern look. The atmosphere of serenity in a chic bedroom and a unique mandala mirror, candles, luxurious silk and ethnic embroidery patterns, combined with soft neutral color combinations, make rooms feel tranquil and peaceful.

Oriental interior decorating ideas, carved wood furniture, forged metal lights, silk fabrics

Oriental interior decorating instills a new breath of life into your rooms in spring and summer with a touch of exotic accents, unique decorative accessories, silky fabrics and calming neutral interior color schemes.

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Indian ethnic interior decor is full of wonderful textures and amazing designs. Adding these decorative home furnishings to your spring and summer decorating and blending them into soft and light interior color schemes create one-of-a-kind rooms with relaxing and luxurious atmosphere.

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