Biedermeier Interior Style, Comfortable and Sentimental Home Decorating Ideas


biedermeir furniture for living room

Biedermeier interior style for home decorating is the reflection of the artistic and sentimental trend in art, architecture and design, that was born in Germany and Austria in the first half of the 19th century. Biedermeier furniture and room decor accessories were parts of interior decorating style of the middle class, that wanted to create personal, beautiful and comfortable rooms.


Exclusive and aristocratic home decorating ideas were transformed into more intimate, luxurious and functional Biedermeier interior style for home decorating. Comfortable and cozy Biedermeier furniture and decor accessories brought peaceful accents into German and Austrian middle class homes.

Unstable political situation in Germany and Austria at that time and economic stagnation led to melancholy and withdrawal from an unhappy reality. Families and friends became more important, and Biedermeier home decorating ideas offered a way to find the beauty, stability, hope and romance in the small things in life.


Biedermeier interior decorating style is the countryside middle class decorating style. Subtle and thorough Biedermeier home decorating ideas are an attractive blend of luxurious interior decor, elegance of natural environment and simplicity of small details, household items and home decorations.

Biedermeier home decorating ideas include furniture and decor accessories, paintings and graphics, decorative fabrics and interior architecture. Biedermeier  interior style inherited the basic design principles of previous luxurious and exclusive interior decorating styles, creating artistic and more personal, comfortable and simple home decorating ideas for middle class families.

Bidermeit interior style

Biedermeier interior decorating style is about the balance and good proportions, simpler shapes and brighter room colors. Biedermeier home decorating ideas were light and airy, making room decor feel peaceful and relaxing, functional and comfortable.

Interior walls with deep window niches were decorated with white paint or light colorful paint in pleasant soft tones. Striped wallpaper patterns added stylish and dynamic interior decorating accents to Biedermeier interior style.

Home decorating ideas, inspired by nature, decorative fabrics, window curtains and Biedermeier furniture upholstery fabrics with floral patterns created tranquil and peaceful home interiors that people enjoyed.

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Some rooms were closed during weekdays. So called Sunday Rooms were decorated with chic to impress guests. Biedermeier furniture, decorated with paint in warm colors, soft watercolor paintings on walls, black and white prints, expensive small home decorations and souvenirs made Biedermeier interior style very cozy, intimate and sentimental.

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Biedermeier furniture

Practical and reasonable Biedermeier home decorating ideas require to select only those furniture and room decor items that are functional and comfortable or have sentimental values. Beidermeier furniture  items demonstrate simple and elegant shapes, free of excessive decorations.

Strong and durable, comfortable and functional, good quality Biedermeier furniture pieces are gently curved back for additional comfort. Soft chairs armrests, decorated with fabrics, curvy sofas and tables legs, tender floral furniture upholstery fabrics and pleasant interior paint colors are beautiful, harmonious and relaxing home decorating ideas that create peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

The simplicity of furniture forms, combined with pleasant room colors and nature inspired furniture upholstery fabrics patterns creates a calming and welcoming, elegant and attractive blend of personal and artistic Biedermeier home decorating ideas.

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